Games and the ultimate absolute imagination | Denbit

Connect with top gaming leaders in Los Angeles at GamesBeat Summit 2023 May 22-23. Register here. With three billion active players worldwide, it’s good to see the metaverse debut through gaming. Are the game makers ready to get it together? That was the description of the metaverse panel — about games leading the way to … Read more

This market-beating stock embraces the AI-generated content trend (and no, it’s not Microsoft)

Stocks that are outperforming the market sometimes do so quietly, as is the case with a stock company stock struggle (SSTK 8.50%). It may just outperform Standard & Poor’s 500 By a small margin, but as of this writing, it’s up about 196% since its initial public offering (IPO) in 2012, compared to a market … Read more

Chick-fil-A has revealed a disturbing solution to a very big problem (not everyone is happy)

kmatija / Getty Images Companies want you to believe that everything they do makes sense. Sometimes, though, decisions are made by panicked CEOs with confused PR people screaming into their ears. However, there is sometimes a certain glory of straightforwardness in corporate reasoning. also: Amazon teams up with a fast food robot This brings me … Read more

Stream it or skip it?

Nicole Hannah Jones, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for “The 1619 Project” in New York timesProduces and narrates docuseries based on that print series. in Project 1619Hannah Jones explores parts of black history in the United States that are generally unexamined or reported, and especially to the white majority, and how they fuel the institutional racism that … Read more

Gordon MacQuarrie fans, rejoice! Another trove of old magazine stories available in new book – Duluth News Tribune

BARNES, Wis. — Dave Evenson has been on a crusade the last four or five years, a mission of sorts, and his zeal has paid off for folks who like to read old-time hunting and fishing stories. Really old-time. Evenson has been digging through historic magazine and newspaper articles to find gems left behind by … Read more

Fabelmans will never be as disputed as Tár, but there is much to say about Pleasure of Art| Charlotte Higgins

FOr a movie that hit, if you want to be honest about it, at the box office, Tár has sparked a disproportionate amount of conversation. The discourse on the film — about a powerful, wildly successful, and deeply problematic conductor named Lydia Tarr, played by Cate Blanchett — is likely to be as interesting as … Read more

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Insane Prince Andrew Bath Sex Photo Family Stages

Mark Richards – WPA Pool/Getty Images Ghislaine Maxwell’s family has published a bizarre photo of two people in the bathroom of their former London home with pictures of Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre stuck in their heads in an unusual attempt to discredit Giuffre. Joffrey claims she and Prince Andrew had sexual activity in the … Read more