Amy Robach and TJ Holmes are out at GMA3 amid an affair scandal

off the air forever. Amy Robach And TJ Holmes He won’t be back until three o’clock Good morning America After their hiatus, multiple sources EXCLUSIVELY reveal that us weekly.

“Amy and TJ got out, and a decision was made,” says a source. we About Robach, 49, and Holmes, 45. “The network is negotiating exit and advertising deals with them.”

ABC declined to provide a public update on Robach and Holmes’ status with the network, citing another source we that the temporary hosts have gone on to note they are “filling in” for Robach and Holmes, who are still listed in the opening credits of GMA3.

The collaborators were originally pulled from the show one week after photos emerged of the pair cozying up throughout November 2022, despite both being married to their partners. (One month later, Holmes filed for divorce from his now estranged wife Marilee FebigAnd us weekly It was confirmed at that time.)

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes return to 'GMA3' after long hiatus at TK Week amid affair scandal - 596
Heidi Guttmann/ABC

After the PDA photos surfaced, tell another insider EXCLUSIVELY we wrote that the ABC characters’ relationship “blossomed out of a close friendship”, noting that “their business trips away have brought them even closer”.

The rumored couple returned to the air on December 1, 2022, one day after the scandal broke. Although they didn’t talk about the photos, Holmes quipped, “Who’s looking forward to the weekend?” Robach raised her hand. “Of course we are.”

The next day, Robach and Holmes poked fun at their need for “wise words” during the “Faith Friday” segment with Nona Jones.

Four days later, the head of ABC Kim Goodwin It was announced in an editorial meeting that Robach and Holmes would not appear on the air because their relationship continued to be “an internal and external distraction, for each variety. The outlet also reported that the network “wanted to do what was best for the organization” despite the fact that the co-workers had not violated any company policy.

A third source said we At the time the duo was under investigation by the network. “TJ and Amy are not currently on camera because ABC wants to make sure they can do a full review of their relationship before putting it back on the air,” the insider revealed. “ABC puts resources in so there are no surprises and they have all the information they can get before deciding how to proceed.”

While a health expert Dr.. Jane Ashton Remaining on the air throughout the drama, Holmes and Robach were temporarily replaced GMA3 From several new faces, incl Stephanie RamosAnd Rhiannon AliAnd DeMarco Morgan and more.

Robach and Holmes’ relationship only intensified amid their hiatus from the network. On December 26, 2022, Robach and Holmes are pictured relaxing together at the Atlanta airport. Days later, the two are seen cuddling during a Miami vacation.

In the midst of his vacation trip with Robach, Holmes files for divorce from Fiebig after 12 years of marriage with whom he shares 9-year-old daughter Sabine. The former CNN correspondent is also the father of daughter Brianna and son Jayden from his previous marriage Amy Pherson.

On her part, Robach married an actor Andrew Shaw Since 2010, they have been reuniting their families after exchanging vows. The Michigan native shares daughters Ava, 20, and Annie, 16, with her ex Tim Macintosh She is stepmother to Shaw’s three children: Nathaniel, 26, Aidan, 23, and Wyatt, 18. Month.

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