Bungo Stray Dogs: What is a “book”?

Amidst all the flashy battles and drama of the operatic character, Bongo Stray DogsThe story is simple with an engaging promise to experience the lives of these characters in a beautiful yet dangerous city. Each season brings a new villain, and with this new threat comes an opportunity for enemies to become allies, but as the story progresses, there seems to be one being where all eyes are directed.

In the second season, when the three-way war between the Agency, the Port Mafia, and the Syndicate is in full swing, Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald reveals to Atsushi that they were looking for a book. One volume—the only one of its kind—was hidden away in Yokohama, and Francis was willing to destroy the entire city just to find it. Well in the third season more is revealed about the book, i.e. the power that the book holds, however it is not seen in the story until this point. But with Season 4 upon us, this book is now front and center and its strength will undoubtedly have huge consequences moving forward into the new season and beyond.

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What do you do, or what do you do?

In Episode 33, “The Masked Assassin”, Dazai confronts Fyodor Dostoyevsky about his plan to take down the Armed Detective Agency and the port mafia. This is all so he can pave the way towards getting to the same book Francis sought in Season 2, but this time the audience learns what the book does.

It is one volume in which whatever is written becomes reality and by that logic it is meant to be a blank volume in which to write. According to Francis, it is indestructible, hence his brazen plan to burn down Yokohama to clear a way to find it among the ruins. Both Francis and Dostoyevsky nearly destroyed the city and its virtuoso collections in order to gain access to it, but why?

Why are the bastards looking for the book

Pongo-stray dogs-Fyodor

For Francis, it’s a completely personal matter. Francis mentions that his daughter has died, which causes his wife, Zelda, to suffer grief. Therefore, he intends to use his vast wealth and the strength of his soldiers to take the book by force and bring his daughter back to life. A conceptual target marred by methods and lack of care for life.

On the flip side, once Fyodor comes into the picture, he reveals that his pursuit of the book was born out of a twisted form of justice. He desires to eliminate talented people from the world and the dangerous power they possess. While he lacks the resources and manpower of Francis, Fyodor is cunning and nearly crushes his opposition by making them fight each other.

Atsushi’s role in things

Atsushi Nakajima in Bungo Stray Dogs

The first time the book is officially mentioned in the second season, Francis says Atsushi is pivotal in locating the book, describing it as a “tiger beetle…a crosshairs”. Unfortunately, this was never made clear by the end of Season 3. It was revealed at the end of the first season that the contract for Atsushi was orchestrated by Francis for his acquisition, which makes Atsushi seem far more important than just his ability.

Since before the series began, Atsushi has been stalked by groups who only seem interested in his ability to transform into a tiger. While not originally part of the manga, the movie dead apple It is shown that the evil Tatsuhiko Shibusawa had experimented on Atsushi, stimulating their abilities. He even called Atsushi’s gift “the envy of the gifted.”

BongoThe film’s creator, Kafka Asagiri, conceived of the original film’s premise and story, stating that this may hold some significance in the future. The anime has been accustomed to adapting the manga, as well as the light novels, making something of a definitive version of the story. Atsushi’s ability may look like he’s turning into a tiger, but his strength has proven to get stronger every season.

Decay of angels

Season 4 is finally coming, and things are looking to be looking tough for the main characters. At the time of writing, the first episode is set to air tomorrow and the conflict centers on a city-wide manhunt for the Armed Detective Agency after they are framed for murder. But this is no ordinary framing, as terrorist group The Decay of Angels got a page out of the book.

If writers can rewrite reality, the latest season 4 trailer suggests that the enemy has the members of the detective agency commit the murders. And if so, the toughest challenge yet will be proving their innocence and avoiding falling prey to military hounds.

This season, perhaps more than any previous season, will demonstrate just how earth shattering the power of writers can be if it’s in the wrong hands. Spinoff manga Bungo Stray Dogs: BEAST It is suggested to be an alternate reality created throughout the book. Monster It takes place in an alternate timeline where Atsushi and Akutagawa’s roles were reversed and Dazai was a darker character.

There’s a lot that’s not known about the book yet, even in the running manga, but if one page can wreak havoc on Season 4, it’s a miracle the book hasn’t destroyed the world yet. Bongo Stray Dogs He continues to raise the stakes each season and with any luck, it will only get better from here.

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