Experts say early drought preparation is key as La Niña shows signs of easing

There was a time, not so long ago, when our screens and news feeds were filled with images of emaciated cattle, dry and dusty pastures, dripping hay and drought calls.

Stories of devastation were everywhere, as farmers lost enough resources and rural communities struggled to survive.

Then came La Niña.

Three wet summers saw rising livestock prices, increased confidence in agriculture and record returns across commodities.

They have also seen problems of a different kind, as many farmers along the east coast of Australia have been devastated by floods.

So when is the right time to start talking about drought and preparing for it?

For experienced growers, the answer is now.

rainy year at all

While they celebrated the good season, one of Queensland’s oldest pastoral characteristics knows from its history books that a drought will soon follow.

Brisbane’s Mount Station, in the Somerset region, recorded 1,600mm of rain for 2022, up 130mm from the previous wettest year, 2010.

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