Meri and Kody Brown officially end their “spiritual” marriage

  • Meri and Kody Brown announced the end of their relationship on Instagram.
  • They have been “spiritually” married for over 30 years but have been legally divorced since 2014.
  • Miri asked her followers not to congratulate her on the end of her marriage in the comments section.

TLC’s Sister Wives stars Meri and Kody Brown have officially announced the end of their relationship after more than 30 years of “spiritual” marriage.

“After more than a decade of working on our relationship in our own unique ways, we have made the decision to permanently end our marriage relationship,” read a statement posted to their Instagram accounts on Tuesday.

The statement said they were “committed” to showing “kindness” and “respect” for each other and their family members through the process of formal splitting. They also said they wanted to continue to “heal” all relationships in the family so that everyone could move forward with “forgiveness, grace, and love.”

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Cody and Meri married legally in 1990. Cody then “spiritually” married his second wife Janelle Brown in 1993 and united “spiritually” with his ex-wife Kristen Brown in 1994.

His fourth marriage to wife Robyn Brown in 2010 was documented on “Sister Wives,” the TLC reality series that began following the couple and their entire polygamous family that year. Four years later, Merry and Cody are legally divorced so that Cody can legally marry Robyn and adopt her three children from a previous marriage.

Meri and Cody remained “spiritually” united by their faith, but in 2015 Meri became the victim of a stalking scandal that strained their union. Although Meri was adamant that she wanted to stay with Cody, viewers saw the romantic side of their relationship begin to fade.

Viewers watched Meri try to fix the romantic side of her marriage for eight seasons, and though Cody gave her hope at times, her attempts were in vain.

Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Kristen Brown

Kody Brown, with three of his four wives, Meri, Janelle, and Kristen on Good Morning America.

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“We’re not legally married. I want to work on the relationship but Cody basically said he doesn’t,” Meri said in a season 17 episode of the show that aired in November 2022. Not married anymore? This is not what I consider it. I feel we are still married. ”

In the same episode, however, Cody says in a one-on-one interview: “I don’t really consider myself married to Merry. If she wanted to move on and marry another, she wouldn’t argue with me.”

As of the finale of season 17 of “Sister Wives,” which aired on Sunday, Meri was still living as part of the family in the hopes that Cody would one day want to rekindle their romance.

Sister of Kody Brown's wives

Janelle Brown, Meri Brown, Kodi Brown and Sister Wives’ Kristen Brown attend a pre-show reception for the grand opening of “Dancing With the Stars: Live in Las Vegas.”

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Commenting on her Instagram statement, Meri said her split from Cody had been leaked by People.

“There is so much more to be told about this story, and I assure you, the truth will be told. But for now, I know there is peace in my heart, and no aggression towards Cody,” she wrote. She also asked her followers, “Please try to refrain from congratulating me on breaking up my marriage.”

Meri and Cody share one biological child, 27-year-old Leon Brown.

Cody is currently only romantically involved with Robyn. He and his ex-wife, Christine, announced their separation in November 2021 and consider themselves divorced. He and Janelle announced they were “breaking up” while filming the Tell-all special in 2022.

Episodes of “Sister Wives” are available to stream on Discovery Plus.

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