Ranking every possible Super Bowl matchup from least to most likely

We’ve made it to the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs, which means there are only seven games left in the NFL season. Only eight teams are still alive in the battle to become Super Bowl champions. That number will drop to four by Sunday evening. While teams still need two more wins to get into the big game, it’s never too early to take a look at how the betting market expects things to develop.

At BetMGM, you can currently bet on which two teams you think will be in the Super Bowl. The odds are adjusted based on the probability of both teams getting there. Obviously, the higher the probability of a match occurring, the better the odds. Let’s take a look at the current odds at BetMGM.

Possible Super Bowl standings

What potential Super Bowl matchups are the odds makers seeing most likely? What about the least likely? Let’s take a look at all 16 possible matches, ranked from least likely to occur to most likely.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New York Giants

The Jaguars and Giants picked up outright victories as the underdogs over the weekend. In this round, both non-champion teams skip relegation. If either team survives this weekend, they will once again be a huge underdog in the conference championship game.

Prospect: 150 to 1

15. Jacksonville Jaguar versus the Dallas Cowboys

Jacksonville would have to pass Kansas City as an 8.5-point underdog and then cruise to another showdown against Buffalo or Cincinnati. Dallas is a 3.5-point underdog against the San Francisco 49ers in the Divisional Round.

Prospect: 66 to 1

14. Cincinnati Bengals vs. New York Giants

The Bengals are decently sized 5.5 underdogs this weekend in Buffalo versus the Bills. If they pass Buffalo, they will be an underdog against the Chiefs in the event KC advances, although the Bengals will be the favorites at home against Jacksonville. Cincinnati has a tough road to the Super Bowl, but it has a better chance of getting there than the Giants, who would need to defeat Philadelphia and then either San Francisco or Dallas.

Prospect: 60 to 1

13. Buffalo Bills vs. New York Giants

Again, it’s the Giants’ probability of making the Super Bowl that lowers those odds. The Giants are 11 to 1 to win with NFC. Buffalo would prefer to make the conference championship game. A potential rematch with Kansas City would likely be seen as a snub. These odds mirror the New York situation more than the Buffalo situation.

Prospect: 35 to 1

12. Kansas City Chiefs vs. New York Giants

The Chiefs are the current favorites to win the Super Bowl, but the odds that their opponent in that game will be the Giants are pretty low.

Prospect: 30 to 1

11. Jacksonville Jaguars vs. San Francisco 49ers

Jacksonville is 11-for-1 to win the AFC title, making it the biggest chance of winning the conference. San Francisco is a common favorite to come out of the NFC. If the 49ers make it to the Super Bowl, their opponent will likely be any team in the AFC other than Jacksonville.

Prospect: 28 to 1

10. Jacksonville Jaguar against the Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are a co-candidate out of the NFC along with San Francisco, with both teams coming off at +160 odds to win the conference. Philadelphia’s Super Bowl appearance wouldn’t surprise anyone, but their opponent in that game, Jacksonville, would certainly be a shock.

Prospect: 28 to 1

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Dallas Cowboys

Cincinnati and Dallas are underdogs on the road this weekend, going past a field goal. While it wouldn’t be completely shocking if either team won, the odds makers don’t expect it to. Assuming both No. 1 seeds hold serve, the Cowboys and Bengals will once again be underdogs in the conference championship game. Both teams are talented and it wouldn’t be entirely surprising to see them make a run, but both teams have the odds stacked against them.

Prospect: 22 to 1

8. Buffalo Bills vs. Dallas Cowboys

The Bills face a very tough test this weekend against the Cincinnati Bengals, and if they play like they did last week, their season will probably be over. However, the odds makers favored Buffalo advancing to the conference championship game. The potential rematch against the bosses would be epic and potentially a waste on a neutral field. Dallas is the third NFC team most likely to advance to the Super Bowl, according to odds makers.

Prospect: 14 to 1

7. Kansas City Chiefs vs. Dallas Cowboys

Kansas City is the favorite to advance to the AFC Championship. Once the Chiefs get there, they will face a tough test from either Cincinnati or Buffalo. The Chiefs are favorites to win the AFC title. However, the odds makers don’t view Dallas as their potential Super Bowl opponent.

Prospect: 13 to 1

6. Cincinnati Bengals vs. San Francisco 49ers

The Bengals represented the AFC in the Super Bowl last season and +350 to get to this point again. These odds are lower than Kansas City and Buffalo. The San Francisco 49ers have not lost since October and are the joint favorites to reach the NFC Super Bowl.

Prospect: 10 to 1

5. Cincinnati Bengals vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Oddsmakers believe that Philadelphia and San Francisco have equal chances of representing the NFC in the Super Bowl, so it’s not surprising that the odds of a potential Bengals-Eagles match-up in the Super Bowl are exactly the same as the odds of a potential Bengals-49ers meeting.

Prospect: 10 to 1

4. Buffalo Bills vs. San Francisco 49ers

The Buffalo Bills spent much of the season as favorites to win the Super Bowl. However, at this point in the playoffs, they have the second best odds of winning both the Super Bowl and the AFC. San Francisco +160 to win the NFC title, but likely win on the road in Philadelphia.

Prospect: +600

3. Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Kansas City Chiefs are the favorites to win the Super Bowl, while the Philadelphia Eagles are the top spot in the NFC Championship. On paper, you’d think this would be the most likely Super Bowl, but it’s been brushed off a bit.

Prospect: +600

2. Buffalo Bills vs. Philadelphia Eagles

If Kansas City doesn’t make it to the Super Bowl, the next AFC representative will most likely become the Buffalo Bills, according to betting odds. If we get a Bills-Eagles Super Bowl, those two fan bases could endanger civilization during the two weeks leading up to and immediately after the game.

Prospect: +600

1. Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers

The Super Bowl, according to betting odds, is likely to be a rematch of the Super Bowl from three years ago. Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers will have a chance at revenge against Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reed, and the Kansas City Chiefs. It seems reasonable. Kansas City is the favorite to win it all. San Francisco has won 11 straight games, and if the 49ers make it to the Super Bowl, this streak will go to 13. I don’t think any impartial observer would complain about this Super Bowl.

Prospect: +550

Will we get a Super Bowl rematch between Andy Reid and Kyle Shanahan to determine the NFL Champion? (Scott Winters/Icon Sportswear via Getty Images)

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