Colorado Parks and Wildlife is warning residents of Grand Lake of continued mountain lion activity

Jim Averill’s security camera captures three lions crossing his home on Rapids Lane in Grand Lake in May 2022. Two of these lions may be the same lion that was killed after attacking dogs in the area. Averill reported this footage to Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials. The agency released a report on January 25, … Read more

3 ways to win the Apple Watch Activity Challenge

Christina Darby/ZDNET Good competition is one of the fastest stimuli to fitness. The Apple Watch fitness feature makes it easy to challenge fellow users to a week-long workout match. But what is the secret to crushing your competitors successfully? Sure, making sure you spend more hours in the gym than your competition is one way … Read more

Climate activity is not about the planet. It is about the boredom of the bourgeoisie

The downfall of capitalism will not come from the uprising of the poor working class but from the subversion of the bored upper class. This was the view of the Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter in 1942. Schumpeter believed that at some point in the future, the educated elite would have nothing to fight against. to … Read more

Effect of nationwide school policy on device-measured physical activity in Danish children and adolescents: a natural experiment

Summary Background A new Danish school policy with a requirement for 45 min physical activity daily during school hours was introduced in 2014. The objective of this natural experiment was to evaluate the effect of this nationwide school policy on physical activity in Danish children and adolescents. Methods Four historical studies completed between 2009 and 2012 … Read more