Getty Images is suing the company behind the stablecoin, saying the AI ​​creator illegally scraped its content

Getty Images has claimed that its massive image library has been illegally scrapped, and has announced that it has “initiated legal action” against Stability AI, the creators of the popular AI image creation tool Stable Diffusion. AI firm “illegally copied and manipulated millions of copyrighted images” to train its signature software, the stock-photo giant has … Read more

Artists are outraged after discovering artwork being used to train the creators of AI imagery without their consent

“It feels like a violation” to use their art without their consent to train the artificial intelligence (AI) technology behind the increasingly popular text-to-image software, says Kim Leutwiler, a six-time Archibald Prize finalist. The Sydney-born American artist is one of thousands of illustrators frustrated with their work being used to train AI image generators, which … Read more