Deforestation puts pressure on the elusive Chacon bovine in South America | wild animals

tThe Chacon bovine is so elusive that scientists thought it was extinct until its “discovery” in 1975. Today, only 3,000 remain in the inhospitable forests and shallow lakes of the Gran Chaco region, which stretches across northern Argentina, Paraguay, and southern Bolivia, and includes more than 50 systems. different environmental. Michaela Camino, who works with … Read more

Inflation Is Starving America Out Of Nutrition: Gold / TIPP

It’s a new year, but some of the scares from last year still haunt Americans. Among their main concerns is the state of the economy. With the country in the grip of prolonged inflation, commodity prices have remained high for several months. Although food and fuel prices have fallen from record peaks, bloated rates still … Read more

We Must Take the First Step: Inside the Fight for Reparations in America | documentary

In the raging debate over compensation in the United States, the daunting task facing those fighting for compensation for black Americans is twofold. Their first challenge is to justify to those opposed to reparations what has already been documented throughout history time and time again: that the enduring legacy of slavery, and its related racism … Read more

Leading Medical Innovators between Japan and America – UCLA College

Canon Morey, a student at UCLA, works to improve healthcare while bridging cultures and disciplines Fourth-year UCLA student Kanon Mori, an organizer of Japanese-American medicine innovators, speaks during a presentation last November to entrepreneurs, investors, doctors and pharmaceutical executives on Awaji Island, Japan. Lucy Perbio | January 12, 2023 Many students embark on their college … Read more

Phoenix Suns, Jock Landale, contract, future, journey to NBA, Saint Mary’s college basketball, Australians in NBA

Jock Landale still remembers every part of the year he spent “slugging it out” in the mountains. From the backcountry runs and hikes to early mornings spent cutting up firewood, just so his unit could have showers. “The simplest way to put it,” he told, “is it turned me from a kid into a … Read more

Whipping, battery and sexual assault: The new lawsuit against Mexican pop singers Gloria Trevi and Sergio Andrade | United States of America

Mexican pop singer Gloria Trevi is facing a new child abuse civil lawsuit in the US, along with her former partner, producer Sergio Andrade and choreographer. The accusations are not new. In 2014, a Mexican judge acquitted Trevi of rape, kidnapping and corruption of minors. After four years in pre-trial detention, Andrade was found guilty … Read more