American farmers are sounding the alarm about the most disastrous things heading for their corn crop

FOX Business’ Madison Allworth spoke to Elizabeth Hinkel of Hinkel Farms, who warns that her corn crop is at risk of a shortage due to proposed regulations. A regulatory move within Mexico’s agricultural sector has U.S. farmers concerned that it will “transform” their corn production. “Most farmers, of my generation and younger, have never used … Read more

Russian oligarchs are investing in American commercial real estate, bypassing sanctions as the feds warned banks

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York examines the Biden secret documents controversy and Texas bans real estate purchases by citizens of certain states in “The Evening Edit.” Wealthy Russian oligarchs are likely to invest in US commercial real estate and try to avoid sanctions imposed after the invasion of Ukraine last year, according to a warning … Read more

Genetic diagnosis can help treat childhood hearing loss: a study

Understanding the many different genetic causes of childhood hearing loss suggests that genetic testing can aid in treatment planning, including optimal treatment timing. Even if a child with hearing loss was not diagnosed through genetic testing a few years ago, scientists in the field believe retesting is worth it. Hearing loss, usually caused by sensory … Read more

John Ram continues to tear, wins PGA Tour American Express

LA Quinta, Calif. — While John Rahm had plenty of opportunities to pump up his right fist after nice shots on Sunday, the look of relief on his face after holding off rookie Davis Thompson put his American Express win in perspective. The Spanish star capitalized on Thompson’s mistakes over the adventurous final three holes … Read more

Jeff Davis’ Caring Hands Sees Rise in Applicants for Utility Assistance – American Press

Caring Hands in Jeff Davis sees a rise in the number of applicants for utility assistance Posted at 1:08 PM Sunday, January 22, 2023 Caring Hands, a nonprofit service in Jeff Davis Parish, is seeing an increase in applicants seeking utility assistance as local families struggle to make ends meet. “I definitely think the numbers … Read more

Pantera announces summer 2023 North American tour with LAMB OF GOD

Pantera., one of the most successful and influential bands in heavy metal history, will be touring North America this summer with The Lamb of God as special guests. One of the most anticipated tours of 2023, this festive tour includes the surviving members Philip Anselmo (singing) f Rex Brown (Bass) He’s joined by a guitarist … Read more

Settlement of references to the American Protection for Addiction Medicine

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A former Tennessee correctional officer will receive $160,000 in back pay and damages after he was forced to resign over taking Suboxone to treat opioid use disorder, if a judge approves a landmark consent decree filed in federal court. in Nashville on Wednesday. This is the first time the US Department … Read more

A stock market legend issues “ferocious, ferocious growling bear” warnings about the American workforce

Stockmarket Cycles publisher and editor Peter Eliades explains how “very low” unemployment numbers are usually bearish for the markets. The last time stock market legend Peter Eliades spoke to FOX Business host Neil Cavuto, it was during the “delicate bottom” of the 2022 market, before a two-month rally. While Stockmarket Cycles publisher and editor was … Read more

American Express is moving without LIV Golf’s Phil Mickelson

La Quinta, Calif. – American Express returned to the desert for the 64th consecutive year this week. But it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room. It’s time to talk about LIV golf’s impact – or not – on a PGA Tour event in the desert. Defending American Express champion Hudson Swafford will … Read more

Ancient DNA Blueprints: Native American Journeys to Asia Thousands of Years Ago | Sciences

Tomb with analyzed bones. Nadezhda V. Stepanova Whether by walking a land bridge or traveling by boat, hunter-gatherers ventured out of eastern Eurasia around 20,000 to 30,000 years ago to become the first Americans. But the transcontinental trip was not a one-way trip. Genetic studies show several times in history that Native Americans moved back … Read more