A rare approach to the strange comet

On February 1, comet ZTF will approach Earth at a distance of approximately 42 million kilometers (nearly one-third the distance between us and the Sun), before it will likely leave the solar system forever. Credit: European Space Agency Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) today makes its closest approach to Earth before it likely leaves our solar … Read more

A machine learning approach to identify asthma subtypes based on molecular signatures

A new study published in Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Determines whether protein expression in nasal fluid samples can aid in the diagnosis of asthma subtypes. Stady: Multidimensional endogenous profiling using nasal proteome predicts molecular phenotypes in asthmatic airways. Image credit: Ljupco Smokovski/Shutterstock Subtypes of asthma Asthma is a heterogeneous disease often characterized by … Read more

EdTech study game approach Aces Med school test curve

Advancements in educational technology, or EdTech, come from changes in approach in the wake of shortcomings. Innovative education technology can adapt existing tools or create new ones to help people overcome learning obstacles. King of the Curve (KOTC) is an edtech startup with a focus on helping alleviate a looming shortage of physicians. KOTC combines … Read more

To fix mental health, rethink our approach to care – The Virginian-Pilot

Rick V. Virginia Beach is President of the Richard V. (note) When responding to the horrific events at the University of Virginia and Chesapeake Walmart in November, Governor Glenn Youngkin stated that he will propose legislation during the next session of the General Assembly to strengthen mental health resources. “It’s very important,” he told reporters … Read more

A unique approach to studying changes in chemical markers on DNA

A new way to study Specific changes in DNA after replication have been published as a technical report in Nature Cell Biology. The researchers developed a highly sensitive mass spectrometry-based approach, called iDEMS (DNA Isolation by EdU Labeling for Mass Spectrometry). says d. Stuart Morgan, co-first author of the report, is from Groth’s lab at … Read more

STORY: Taking a Team Approach: Integrated Medicine Improves Joint Health Naturally (1/9/23)

Carrera Williams, APRN, headlines care planning and performs initial assessments and regenerative injections at PC Medical Centers in Cape Girardeau. These services are provided along with the expertise of a chiropractic neurologist and exercise therapist to help patients heal long-term without the use of steroids, chronic medications, and invasive surgery. Aaron Eisenhower With the new … Read more