MusicLM: Google’s artificial intelligence generates music in different genres at a frequency of 24 kHz

Zoom in / An AI-generated image of an exploding musical sphere. Ars Technica Google researchers on Thursday announced a new AI model called MusicLM that can generate 24kHz musical sound from textual descriptions, such as “a soothing violin melody backed by a distorted guitar riff.” It can also convert a light melody into a different … Read more

Researchers say that artificial intelligence will generate $246 billion in revenue in the countries of the Mediterranean region by 2030.

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Artificial intelligence will generate $246 billion in revenue in the countries of the Mediterranean arc by 2030. This is one of the main conclusions of the study “The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Countries of the Mediterranean Arc”, commissioned by the Geopolitics and Public Policies of the Mediterranean Region (Geomett) … Read more

Kazakh designer experiments with artificial intelligence in the arts

ASTANA — Kazakh graphic designer Ruslan Yesentaev, 32, dazzled Kaznet with images he drew using an artificial art generator. A series of images depicting what popular movie characters with Kazakh facial features can look like. Pictures of Ayaz Ata with akshkar (characters similar to Santa Claus and Snow Maiden) have also become particularly popular and … Read more

Why the New Age of Artificial Intelligence Inspires the Founder of a Startup – GeekWire

Founder and startup engineer Kirill Zubovsky used OpenAI’s GPT-3 to create a business and domain name generator. (Photo provided by Kirill Zubovsky). After contacting this week, I wrote a description of a business idea: “Drone photography business in the greater Seattle area.“ Like a lot of people, I went through a painful brainstorming process … Read more

From artificial intelligence software to surgical robots

Image: Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (artwork) Opinion more Credit: PTB A doctor needs a great deal of experience, knowledge, and years of training to be able to analyze an EKG expertly. Automated actions based on artificial intelligence can provide effective support here. The AI ​​system must also be trained in this area. This is done … Read more

CLE groups are working together to develop cameras that use artificial intelligence to slow down illegal dumping

CLEVELAND — Illegal dumping is off to a fast start in Cleveland in 2023, and so is the city in its effort to combat the perennial problem by developing monitoring systems using artificial intelligence. The city has teamed up with Cleveland State University and Case Western Reserve University through the Internet of Things, or IOT … Read more

It uses artificial intelligence to predict space

Photo: Dr Andy Smith of Northumbria University Opinion more Credit: Northumbria University/Simon Fett Wilson A Northumbria University physicist has been awarded more than half a million pounds to develop artificial intelligence that will protect Earth from devastating space storms. Activity from the Sun such as solar flares, known as a coronal mass ejection, shoots plasma … Read more

Artificial intelligence defines Raphael’s long-overlooked masterpiece | Smart news

Researchers have been studying the 37-inch long De Brécy Tondo for decades. De Pricy Fund When he bought the painting in 1981, art collector George Lester Winward was sure he had found a real Raphael. The mysterious 37-inch-long work had no known artist. Looking at the faces of the Virgin Mary and Jesus, Winward notices … Read more

Fun With Artificial Intelligence | NHRA

Whether you like it or not, the robots are here. They have been for years, assembling everything from your cars to your cupcakes faster and probably more precisely than any human. You probably got your first real taste of processor power with your first handheld calculator, which could divide 1,320 by 6 faster than you … Read more

Memphis genius pioneered “artificial intelligence”

Are computer viruses alive? Do machines have rights? Can AI be created in a lab or shop? “University of Memphis professor Dr. Stan Franklin navigates concepts that make the average person’s head swim.” These provocative sentences appear at the beginning of a 1995 profile of Dr. Stan Franklin in The Commercial Appeal. In the decades … Read more