Luka Doncic hits 53 in a Mavs win as he tweets with a Pistons assistant

DALLAS – Luka Doncic made a tackle toward the Detroit Pistons bench during a timeout with 7.1 seconds left in the Dallas Mavericks’ 111-105 win Monday Night. He approached Pistons assistant coach Jerome Allen to offer some solitary thoughts, punctuating a conversation that continued throughout the game, a final exchange that was extended as the … Read more

Top 10 Assistant Coach Editorials: How Does Nick Saban Rank Coordinator?

The college football season ended over two weeks ago, but the practice cycle never sleeps. Indeed, the second wave of the mass movement appears to be imminent. Five NFL teams still have coaching vacancies, and the ramifications of filling those staff are sure to trickle down the college ranks in some way. (And are we … Read more

Amazon’s ‘Hey Disney’ voice assistant is coming to your Echo home devices

My kids are obsessed with taking home voice assistants. Not a day goes by where you won’t hear either of my seven-year-old or three-year-old ask Alexa or Google what the weather is like right now, to play their favorite song, or answer some random question about wildlife. I’m sure many parents can relate. Now, imagine … Read more