Avatar: The Way of Water’s worldwide box office has surpassed $2 billion, but nobody cares

Much like how Sigourney Weaver plays a bright blue Na’vi teen, immaculately conceived and her late human biologist mother in… Avatar: Water Roada film that tops the $2 billion global box office revenue raises more questions than answers. Basically: how does this movie make so much money? And why is this movie making so much … Read more

‘Avatar 2’ to beat ‘Last Jedi’ on US All-Time List – Deadline

Saturday morning update: Comes out this weekend, by the middle of the week, Disney/20th Century Studios/Lightstorm’s Avatar: Water Road You will easily overtake The Avengers as the 10th highest-grossing film of all time in the US/Canada with $623.3 million. The pic that James Cameron directs is expected to total $14 million – $16 million for … Read more

Russell Carpenter for the virtual reality of Avatar by Water

We speak with the cinematographer about the challenges of shooting live action and virtual simultaneously. Pictures of Walt Disney By Brad Gullikson Published January 27, 2023 you welcome in world builders, our ongoing series of conversations with the industry’s most productive and thoughtful behind-the-scenes craftsmen. In this entry, we talk with cinematographer Russell Carpenter about … Read more

The original concept art for the avatar appears strange until the Na’vi look up

residence Movie news The original concept art for the avatar appears strange until the Na’vi look up An alternate design for the Na’vi in ​​James Cameron’s original Avatar was revealed in an early piece of art for the 2009 hit movie. early piece of symbol picture Concept art reveals an unused design of Sheikh Navi … Read more

Jimin set the internet on fire with his latest South Korean photoshoot. The military fell in love with his avatar

While the members of the Korean boy band BTS Known for their music, they’re also known for their incredibly good looks. Be it Jimin, Jin, J-Hope or Jungkook – their fans love them for their good looks and understand them as if there is no tomorrow. Well, ARMY (as BTS fans are known) is currently … Read more