To sign or go on your own? The touring newbie weighs in on the benefits of gear deals

by: Jonathan Wall January 26, 2023 Kyle Westmoreland is one of a handful of rookies on the tour who’s had to choose between an equipment-free agency and signing a club deal. Getty Images On a clear morning at the PGA West Stadium Course, two PGA Tour pros are rolling on the practice green and casually … Read more

Benefits of a proven silicon 800G Ethernet solution for high-performance computing

The evolution of high-speed Ethernet began in 2014 when Arista, Broadcom, Microsoft, Mellanox and Google formed the Ethernet Consortium, now called the “Ethernet Technology Consortium”. Since then, the technology has been adopted by more than 45 members. The drive for 200G, then 400G, and now 800G Ethernet is driven by the insatiable need to process … Read more

What do you know about applying for unemployment benefits after a layoff?

Irina Imago | istock | Getty Images A wave of companies, including Amazon, Google and Spotify, have announced massive staff cuts, leaving former employees without pay. Fortunately, the Unemployment Insurance Program, created in 1935, provides support for some people who have lost their jobs. The federal program is administered by the states, and the rules … Read more

Diabetes and its benefits and risks to personal health online

A system for controlling blood glucose with the help of a smartphone and a skin-mounted meter. Ut Grabowski | photothic | Getty Images The Internet of Things for remote monitoring and management of common health problems is growing exponentially, led by people with diabetes. One in 10 Americans, or 37 million people, has diabetes. Devices … Read more

Saving wildlife and ecosystems benefits Florida residents and the entire planet

It’s time to give up saving the planet. Nature is crippled, so it doesn’t care about the environment. In the new year, focus on taking care of the clean air and water behind you and find other things to focus on. or not. There may be reasons to believe in nature’s nurturing. Recently, leaders from … Read more

The study explores the cellular benefits of resistance training in the elderly

Florida Atlantic University researchers, in collaboration with the University of Leon in Spain, examined whether an eight-week resistance training program would modulate redox state, UPR activation, and key inflammatory pathways in older adults. Aging involves the balance of oxidants and antioxidants, low-grade inflammation, and a protein response that occurs at the cellular level, which is … Read more

Honey as a substitute for sugar? A new study indicates health benefits

Eating raw honey from a single floral source may improve blood sugar control and lower cholesterol levels when consumed in the context of a healthy diet, according to a recent study published in Nutrition Reviews. “These results are surprising because honey contains about 80% sugar,” said Tauseef Khan, senior researcher on the study and research … Read more

Benefits of walking just 10 minutes a day

He may feel intimidated by committing to an ongoing fitness plan, especially one that meets the recommended guidelines in the United States According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you should engage in 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week — for example, five days that you get 30 minutes of exercise. … Read more