The biggest tattoo trend is the creepy sensual cyber vigilantism

Tattoos mark the body with a unique pattern – but tattoos, just like anything else, are subject to trends. Right now, the design category defined by long, spiral-like lines, symmetrical, tribal-like patterns, and cyberpunk subtlety is flooding the social media feeds of perennial ink lovers. Some of these tattoos look like shields, veins, or a … Read more

Aging can be reversed in mice. Do people then?

CNN – In Boston labs, old, blind mice have regained their sight, developed smarter, younger-looking brains, and built healthier muscle tissue and kidneys. On the flip side, young mice age prematurely, with devastating results for nearly every tissue in their bodies. Experiments show that aging is a said anti-aging expert David Sinclair, professor of genetics … Read more

An updated framework for understanding bacterial system biology

Nobody wants to be average. But for a long time, scientists found it convenient to think of bacterial cells as just that: “average.” Researchers have traditionally relied on population-level strategies to understand fundamental aspects of bacterial physiology. These population-level approaches describe the behavior of idealized mesenchymal cells, and serve as the basis for predominant models … Read more