Canada’s Financial Intelligence Unit Steps Up Its Fight Against Illegal Wildlife Trade – National

Canada’s Financial Intelligence Agency is stepping up its fight against the illegal wildlife trade by targeting criminals who reap large profits from global extortion. Canada’s Center for Analysis of Financial Transactions and Reports, known as Fintrac, encourages banks and other institutions to look for signs that business transactions could involve the illegal trade in exotic … Read more

Forecasts for the housing market, falling internet costs and stable stocks: must-read business and investment stories

With interest rates continuing to put pressure on mortgage costs, the Bank of Canada expects home prices to continue to fall before sales pick up later this year.Justin Tang/The Canadian Press Falling into a runaway week? Here’s our weekly roundup of The Globe and Mail’s most important business and investment stories, with insights and analysis … Read more

Why New York City should keep its markets global

Canada recently banned investments in residential real estate by non-Canadians for two years, aiming to calm an overheated housing market that has seen average house prices in Canada rise 20% in 2021. Meanwhile, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wants to ban the sale of homes and farmland In his mandate by companies from China, an “enemy” … Read more

Canada has a universal healthcare system. But is it really?

Perhaps one day our universal health care system will represent Canadians’ values, but certainly not anymore. American friends, you probably introduce us to the drinking age and “free healthcare.” Unfortunately, however, our healthcare system no longer embodies the principles of equality, respect, decency, safety, and peace that we hold so dear. You may also be … Read more

Hospital admissions for cannabis poisoning in children have risen in Canada following food rationing

The legalization of cannabis in Canada, and the corresponding availability of edible cannabis products, has been associated with a significant increase in poisoning-related hospitalizations of children. There has been a clear association between the availability of legal cannabis and edible products and an increased prevalence of unintentional cannabis-related poisonings in children since 2018, according to … Read more

Jan Moore: Prince Harry knows how much this will hurt and infuriate his older brother

Going spare? I also. However, while there has been a lot about Prince Harry this week — everything from his frozen penis to the loss of his virginity outdoors, though these two incidents are sadly unrelated — let’s think about Prince William. Where does all this leave him? Imagine his position. For most of your … Read more

ROM Gallery celebrates the pinnacle of Canadian Modernism

Electric Kettle K42, 1940. Chrome-nickel plated brass body, steel base, bakelite handle. Designed by Fred Moffat.Paul Eckoff / Courtesy of the Royal Ontario Museum Today, kettles come in countless shapes, sizes, and colors; They are mounted on their own electrical bases, equipped with incandescent lights and may have been made in China. But until the … Read more

Wildlife Canada expands into the US pest control market

HAMILTON, ON, — After successfully growing across Canada for the past 30 years, Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, based in Hamilton, Ontario, is setting its sights south of the border through franchising. Since its founding by Bill Dodd in 1989, Skedaddle has grown to 35 locations across Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec. It was the first … Read more