‘Velma’ and the Case of the Condescending Reboot

Photo-Illustration: Vulture. Photos: NBC; HBO; Netflix The year isn’t even a month old, but already the 2023 TV Reboot Production System has delivered three high-profile specimens for public consumption. There’s Velma, the Scooby-Doo-inspired animated adult comedy on HBO Max that explores the origin story of one of Mystery Inc.’s most beloved characters; Night Court, a … Read more

Decision talks in the NCAA v. Michigan case deadlocked due to Jim Harbaugh’s refusal to say he lied

Multiple sources told Yahoo Sports that a potential negotiating decision in an NCAA irregularities case involving the Michigan football program collapsed this week after the NCAA asked head coach Jim Harbaugh to say he lied to investigators. According to sources, Harbaugh admitted to having his program commit four Level II violations, as initially alleged by … Read more

The case of trading LeBron James for Evan Mobley

Should Cleveland give up Evan Mobley for LeBron James?picture: Getty Images I’ve seen kids’ pools deeper than the unusual Jambalaya VP Rob Pelinka collects Lakers about LeBron James. As a result, James’ constant presence on a sub-. 500 playoff team creates a rift as business speculation festers and boils over. During a recent appearance on … Read more

Unlock the magnetic protection with the Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Magnetic Case

Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Magnetic Case offers a great combination of style, protection and convenience. It features a high level of protection for the iPhone 14 Pro with its military-grade design, TPU bumpers, and strong magnets that keep your phone in place when paired with MagSafe accessories. If you are looking for the perfect case … Read more

Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Magnetic Case: An affordable MagSafe case

Mkeke’s iPhone 14 Pro magnetic case is one of the most budget-friendly and durable MagSafe cases found on Apple’s premium phones. Mkeke is proud to offer stylish and affordable solutions for your iPhone. But budget, in this case, does not mean cheap. Available in a variety of colors, let’s see why this magnetic Mkeke iPhone … Read more

Josh and Sarah Bomar are sentenced to probation in a federal poaching case

An Ankeny couple best known for their hunting videos on YouTube were sentenced to probation this week in federal court after pleading guilty to conspiracy to violate a federal wildlife protection law. Josh Bomar, 32, and Sarah Bomar, 33, were among dozens charged in a poaching case after they went on hunting tours under the … Read more

The Pulse: The Curious Case of Lamar, a new simulation for NBA and PaytonWatch

Start each morning with The Pulse in your inbox. Register here. good morning! Watch out for Scoot coming down the lane. Novels What’s up with Lamar? Sunday night, the Ravens will play the Bengals in the Wild Card Round of the playoffs. Lamar Jackson, former league MVP and longtime franchise cornerstone, probably won’t be a … Read more

Covid-19: ‘Disgraced’ golf coach quit for not being vaccinated wins employment case

By Emily Morehouse, Open Justice Correspondent Benjamin Harwood won the ERA case after he quit his job at Whangamatā Golf Club due to a Covid-19 vaccine. picture: take photo A golf coach who was humiliated after being fired for not getting a Covid-19 vaccine will receive more than $15,000 from his former employer after successfully … Read more

Florida Dr. Michael Ligotti was indicted in the Delray case for health care fraud

A Florida doctor who earned $127 million by billing insurance companies for fraudulent tests and treating addiction patients was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Monday, federal prosecutors announced. The work of Michael J. Ligotti, 48, as medical director of more than 50 addiction treatment facilities, or “sober homes,” in Palm Beach County, Florida. … Read more