Climate envoy says Germany made “painful choices” in clearing a village to make way for a coal mine Climate News

Germany’s climate envoy told Sky News that Germany had to make “painful choices” when it evicted occupiers from a village to make room for coal mine expansion. Video footage of German riot police in Lutzerath clashing with protesters against the nearby Garzweiler lignite mine made headlines around the world. It was a decision that some … Read more

A warmer climate may prompt fungi to be more dangerous to our health

published January 30, 2023 all meta credits Carl Lev Bates University contacts tags Molecular genetics and microbiology schools Trinity College of Arts and Sciences medical school worlds Joseph Heitman Head of the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology James b. Duke Distinguished Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Professor of molecular genetics and microbiology Professor … Read more

A Look at Mendocino County Water: Rainfall Gives ‘Breathing Room,’ But Only Infrastructure and Climate Solutions Can Mitigate Drought • The Voice of Mendocino | Mendocino County, Katie Mendocino Voice

MENDOCINO Co, CA, 1/29/23 – Even during the power outages, flooding, and tree fall in Mendocino County during the first weeks of 2023, we can take comfort in the fact that rain on drought-stricken soils in California is good news. Lake Mendocino reached the largest amount of water storage in over a decade, and our … Read more

Russia, climate, inflation: Are we headed toward a “polycrisis”? The buzzword at Davos, explained.

There is nothing that Davos loves more than a good buzzword, and in 2023 that buzzword was “polycrisis.” The folks at this year’s World Economic Forum adopted the term after historian Adam Tooze popularized it in his inaugural Financial Times column last year. At its annual meeting last week, the WEF released its “Global Risks … Read more

Highways and hubs: helping freshwater wildlife cope with climate change

Michigan State University researchers studied how freshwater wildlife navigate waterways in the face of climate change and humans’ alteration of landscapes. Like many others, you may have taken a vacation this summer. If you are driving, you have likely traveled along major highways. If you’ve flown, chances are you’ve flown through a large airport, very … Read more

Frustration with racial equality is boiling at Vermont’s Climate Council

Members of the Climate Council met in Vermont on January 9. A dispute at the meeting exposed frustrations about equity and inclusion in the council, which plays a key role in strategizing the state’s efforts to combat climate change. screenshot On January 9, the Vermont Climate Council met via Zoom for its first meeting of … Read more

Why desalination won’t save countries dependent on Colorado River water

The Colorado River winds around Horseshoe Bend at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Page, Arizona. Rona Wise | Afp | Getty Images Countries that rely on the increasingly drought-stricken Colorado River are looking toward desalination as a way to repair the river’s deficit and boost water supplies across the western United States. The search … Read more

UK wildlife ‘devastated by a series of weather swings’ in 2022 | Climate crisis

A leading conservation charity said this year’s turbulent weather – including severe storms, scorching heat and deep cold – has destroyed some of the UK’s most precious flora and fauna. The harsh conditions have made survival very difficult for animals from frogs and bats to birds and butterflies, and from large trees to meadow flowers. … Read more

Seed banks may be a secret weapon against climate change: NPR

ICARDA laboratory employee Bilal Anati cuts a lentil plant to test it for various diseases at ICARDA’s research station in Terbel village in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, on December 21, 2022. Dalia Khamissi for NPR Hide caption Switch caption Dalia Khamissi for NPR ICARDA laboratory employee Bilal Anati cuts a lentil plant to test it for … Read more