Texas 49ers hire DC DeMeco Ryans as head coach

4:28 p.m. ET DJ Bean ImESPN HOUSTON — The Texans on Tuesday announced the hiring of San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans as their new head coach. Sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that the deal is for six years. Ryan will be officially introduced as the franchise’s sixth full-time head coach on Thursday. Meanwhile, … Read more

At the worst possible moment, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan was confronted with a QB problem he couldn’t fix

Philadelphia – for all the genius of Kyle Shanahan this season – all the mistakes and the confidence and the arrogance and the winning – the NFL’s average laws suggested there king be at the bottom of his bag. The only question was whether the San Francisco 49ers coach could elude the moment, maybe outsmart … Read more

NFL head coach, tracker interview with GM: Dolphins close to Vic Fangio as new capital; The Rams name is Mike Lafleur OC

Getty Images All but four NFL teams have made it to the start of the season as the Super Bowl title hunt continues Sunday with two conference games for the title. Many teams have already made the decision to change key positions within the organization, be it general manager, head coach, or coordinator. All NFL … Read more

If DeMeco Ryans goes to Texas, the Broncos head coach hunt looks even worse

Who would have thought Nathaniel Hackett would land on his feet before the Denver Broncos did? The Broncos fired Hackett with two games remaining during his only season as their head coach, then he was named the New York Jets’ offensive coordinator this week. Meanwhile, an important search for a Denver coaching began. It was … Read more

Swinging coach Jordan Spieth shares 6 things he wished he knew sooner

by: Nick Demingo January 26, 2023 Jordan Spieth’s swing coach Cameron McCormick recently took to Twitter to share six things he wishes he knew sooner. Getty Images Cameron McCormick is best known for being the swing coach for professional players such as Jordan Spieth, Soo Yeon-ryu and Bo Haussler, among others. But even after more … Read more

The Panthers hire former Colts head coach Frank Reich as the new head coach

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – Frank Reich, the first game quarterback in Carolina Panthers history in 1995, is now the team’s sixth head coach. Owner David Tepper selected Reich, 61, after an extensive search that included nine candidates, including interim coach Steve Wilkes and former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton. Ultimately, it came down … Read more

Top 10 Assistant Coach Editorials: How Does Nick Saban Rank Coordinator?

The college football season ended over two weeks ago, but the practice cycle never sleeps. Indeed, the second wave of the mass movement appears to be imminent. Five NFL teams still have coaching vacancies, and the ramifications of filling those staff are sure to trickle down the college ranks in some way. (And are we … Read more

Coach Prime continues to put the Buffaloes in the national spotlight

football January 24, 2023 Neil Wolk, Contributing Editor Story links boulder – When Colorado Sanders named Dion “Prime Coach” the new head football coach of the Buffaloes last December, almost no one could have predicted the arrival of the CU program’s national shockwave head coach. Buffalo became relevant nationwide almost overnight. Recruits—both in high school … Read more

College golf coach declines Augusta National Amateur invitation

Beth Lilly knows it can sound crazy. After all, who would turn down the chance to compete at the Augusta National? “I don’t want people to think it was easy for me, or that I was making fun of Augusta,” said Lily, “but I think I’m at a different point in my life now.” Now … Read more

Are all calories equally fattening? A health coach deals with myths about food and fitness

Are all calories equally fattening? The phrase “calories are calories” implies that the only important factor in our eating and weight gain is the total calories consumed. Every food we consume is ultimately determined according to its energy value. For more than three decades, nutritionists and public health officials have been at it Use this … Read more