DG MARTIN COLUMN: Should more North Carolina books be made into movies? – The Stanley News & Press

DG MARTIN COLUMN: Should more North Carolina books be made into movies? Posted at 9:30 am Tuesday, January 24, 2023 Why aren’t more North Carolina books being made into movies? We ask ourselves though: Where the Giraffes Sing, based on the popular North Carolina bookstore, was a huge hit last summer. DJ Martin Thanks in … Read more

Column: Cartoonist the Dalai Lama and Mots writing a book

A serendipitous discussion at a star-studded evening in Botswana, Africa, in 2019 launched an unexpected writing project that the creator of the Mutts comic teamed up with the Dalai Lama and a notable couple from La Jolla. Cartoonist Patrick McDonnell was on safari with Jerry Sisak, former “Jeff and Jerry” radio personality, and Jerry’s wife, … Read more

Dr. Zach Turner: The best exercise for weight loss

Weight loss exercises for all ages – and foods to avoid before a workout. photo/123RF Ask Dr. Zack is a weekly column that assists readers in their health and well-being endeavors. Question: Hey Dr. Zack, the only way to accomplish your New Year’s resolution is to do it with someone else, because you can make … Read more

Internet Blues for Media | Business standard column

Is the decline in online news consumption a sign of things to come? Several of India’s top 20 online news destinations – Times Network, Jagran – have seen their numbers in terms of reach and time spent decline in 2022. Overall, the number of Indians consuming news online has fallen marginally from 457 million in … Read more

Computer wrote this column… Mostly – BC Catholic

The potential for, and interest in, artificial intelligence is growing rapidly. In particular, broad public interest is being driven by a service called ChatGPT, which was quietly released in November and is now awash in demand. This chatbot seems capable of handling any task thrown at it For example, I could ask ChatGPT, “Write me … Read more

Story: Column: The Best Books Club, “Still Life” by Louise Penney (1/9/23)

Tom Hermans We all have secrets and bits and pieces of ourselves that we hide from those around us, even those closest to us. Many readers agree that this is the point author Louise Penny attempts to convey in the mystery novel Still Life. Every character – from murder victim Gene Neal to Chief Inspector … Read more