This Sudbury, Ontario-based illustrator learned that an AI is using his art without his consent

As art created by artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more popular, the Sudbury, Ont., illustrator says. He was surprised to find his work reflected in some programs without his permission. Marc Janney makes a living as a full-time illustrator and multimedia artist through his work, Mindmelt Studio. While searching a celebrity database, he discovered one of … Read more

Artists are outraged after discovering artwork being used to train the creators of AI imagery without their consent

“It feels like a violation” to use their art without their consent to train the artificial intelligence (AI) technology behind the increasingly popular text-to-image software, says Kim Leutwiler, a six-time Archibald Prize finalist. The Sydney-born American artist is one of thousands of illustrators frustrated with their work being used to train AI image generators, which … Read more