Microelectronics gives researchers a remote control for biological robots Carle Illinois College of Medicine

First, they walked. Then they saw the light. Now, mini biological robots have acquired a new trick: remote control. Hybrid “eBiobots” are the first to combine soft materials, living muscle and microelectronics, said researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Northwestern University and the collaborating institutions. They describe their centimeter-sized biological machines in the journal … Read more

Dreams of freedom, debt and control – YubaNet

January 30, 2023 – Written in a lively, accessible manner that relies extensively on interviews with formerly imprisoned people, cars and prisons Examines how the costs of owning and using a vehicle are deeply involved with the prison system in the United States. American consumer tradition has long regarded automobiles as the “machine of freedom”, … Read more

Samsung’s SmartThings iOS app now puts you in control of your important devices

Today, Samsung’s SmartThings app for iPhone and iPad was updated to add support for Matter devices. For those who are not familiar with SmartThings, it is Samsung’s smart home platform, which is similar to Apple HomeKit. The SmartThings platform was updated with Matter support back in October, with Samsung rolling out Matter integration into SmartThings … Read more

No amount of regulation can make the Internet safe for every user – POLITICO

James Snell is a senior advisor at the New Lines Institute. He’s writing a book about the war in Afghanistan. You may not have heard, but the Internet is an unacceptably dangerous place. A place full of terrorists, financial frauds, pedophiles and rudeness. Or at least according to the British government. In the great debate … Read more

Quantum physicists determine how to control two quantum light sources instead of one

Illustration of two slides comprising two entangled quantum light sources. Credit: Peter Luddell In a new breakthrough, researchers at the University of Copenhagen, in collaboration with Ruhr University Bochum, have solved a problem that has been causing quantum researchers headaches for years. Researchers can now control two quantum light sources instead of just one. As … Read more

3 life-changing portion control tricks nutritionists swear by to lose weight faster

There are a number of factors involved in losing weight such as how much and what you eat, how often you exercise, and predetermined genetics. Many people find their results stalling because they can’t find a routine that works for them. Fortunately, there are tricks to make losing weight easier, and they don’t involve depriving … Read more

Wildlife Control: Grizzly Bear Management

This story is excerpted from MT Lowdown, a weekly newsletter with original reporting and analysis published every Friday. In anticipation of eventual delisting, the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department made a proposal to direct the management of grizzly bears in Montana, which is home to more than half of the under-48 grizzlies. In an … Read more

Bullish cryptocurrency traders retain control despite rejecting total market cap at $1 trillion

The total cryptocurrency market capitalization increased by 29.4% in two weeks, despite Bitcoin (BTC) price stabilizing near $21,000 on January 19. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify the continuation of the five-month downtrend after breaching the top of the $930 billion cryptocurrency channel. However, the psychological resistance of $1 trillion remains … Read more

Cleveland CBX Full-Face 2 wedges provide control and tolerance

by: Ryan Barath January 18, 2023 Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge 2. Ryan Barath/Golf Cleveland’s CBX Full-Face 2 wedges come with True Temper’s 115 Dynamic Spin Round and Project X’s Catalyst Spinner graphite (80 grams). The pegs are priced at $169.99 and will be available in retail stores starting February 3rd. That was just a … Read more