Foxconn protests, Covid cases cause chaos inside China factory

Chinese factory laborers call jobs like Hunter’s “working the screws.” Until recently, the 34-year-old worked on the iPhone 14 Pro assembly line at a Foxconn factory in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou. His task was to pick up an iPhone’s rear cover and a tiny cable that charges the battery, scan their QR codes, … Read more

Long Covid has an ‘underappreciated’ role in the employment gap: study

Simple Pictures | moment | Getty Images Long Covid keeps people out of work and may reduce productivity while working for others, a new study shows, contributing to labor shortages and affecting the US economy in general. Long Covid – also known as long-term Covid, post-Covid or post-acute Covid syndrome – is a chronic disease … Read more

WHO experts give possible end to the international COVID health emergency

After a huge wave of protests in the fall of 2022, China lifted most of its coronavirus restrictions – which were among the strictest in the world. In addition, Tedros noted that the lifting of coronavirus restrictions in China has led to a high death rate in the world’s most populous country, whose citizens are … Read more

The Covid wave in China increases consumer interest in health insurance

Chuiyangliu Hospital, pictured in January 2023 in Beijing, has in the past few years finished renovations that have allowed daily patents to increase sixfold to 5,000 per day, according to official estimates. Yin Hun Chau | CNBC BEIJING — Health, sports and wellness top the shopping list for anyone in their late 20s or older … Read more

The Chinese are turning to traditional remedies to fight Covid

Jade Gao’s photo. Video Danny Chu, Michael Zhang, Yan Zhao, Riley Zhang As Covid-19 tears apart China’s massive population, sickening millions of people and fueling drug shortages, many are turning to age-old traditional medicines to battle the aches and pains of the virus. President Xi Jinping has promoted traditional Chinese medicine since the start of … Read more

The genetic mutation that makes Kraken Covid so infectious

A new strain of coronavirus – Image source: Olga Siletskaya / Getty iStock / Getty Images there is new, A more contagious form of the new coronavirus. It has a greater ability to evade our antibodies. It spreads easier than ever. You’ve read those words before, and you’ll almost certainly read them again as the … Read more

The Chinese hospital says half of its staff have contracted Covid

Local residents line up to receive medical treatment at the Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine on June 1, 2022. CFOTO | Publishing in the future | Getty Images BEIJING — About half of the nearly 2,000 workers at the Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine were infected with COVID-19 during the latest wave, said … Read more

First Covid Slasher Movie Needs A Fear Booster – Rolling Stone

Give Kevin Williamson Credit: Screenwriter Behind Scream The series isn’t afraid to recycle its greatest hits. Its new addition to the slasher-film canon opens with a young man named Tyler (Joel Courtney) wandering the aisles of a squeaky-clean supermarket. It’s April 3, 2020. Cases of the Covid-19 virus are on the rise exponentially. Most of … Read more