Football Sustainability Index: How well is your club run?

The coming days and weeks will come when English football is forced to embrace change. The government’s white paper is expected to be released imminently, crystallizing key recommendations proposed through a comprehensive, fan-led review of national sport governance. Those in power now conclude that football cannot continue as it has been. Many clubs have been … Read more

Explanation: Premier League yellow card suspension rules and players at risk

12 teams reached the halfway point of the Premier League season over the weekend, while Fulham became the first team to reach the 20-game mark. For the players of those 13 clubs, the disciplinary list has been completely omitted for the time being. But there are still seven teams yet to play 19 games this … Read more

The secret reasons why Thomas Tuchel was sacked by Chelsea will make people teary eyed

The secret reasons behind Thomas Tuchel’s sacking of Chelsea “will make people teary eyed,” claims Simon Jordan… as he called Todd Bohle to appear in public and told him “I would have done the same”! By Nathan Salt for Mailonline published: 11:59 a.m. EDT, January 9, 2023 | Updated: 13:39 EST, January 9, 2023 Todd … Read more