60 Minutes sparked an angry debate about whether obesity is mostly hereditary

No, genetics is not the number one cause of obesityGetty Images Earlier this month, the venerable news programme 60 minutes Jump into the frantic conversation about new weight-loss drugs like Wegovy with a piece of it Recognize and treat obesity as a disease. The piece featured real people who have tried and failed to lose … Read more

Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber on ‘nepo baby’ debate: ‘You wouldn’t deny the privilege I have’

Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber shared her thoughts on the controversy surrounding Hollywood’s “Nebo Baby” when she appeared on the cover of the February issue of Elle magazine. The 21-year-old model and actress, who the 56-year-old model shares with husband Rande Gerber, 60, opened up about naming a “nebo baby,” a term recently coined as … Read more

Bait Ban Opponents, Wildlife Officials Debate Bill to Ban Ban – InForum

BISMARK — Supporters of a bill that would prevent wildlife officials from banning deer hunting in North Dakota say the main disease meant to ban deer hunting is not as bad as thought, and that maintaining the ban will only impair hunter access and success . But North Dakota fish and game officials argue they … Read more

DAN WOOTTON: Prince Harry now appears to be blackmailing the Royal Family

It’s emotional blackmail on a global scale. Issue a grovelling apology to my wife and I against your better judgement. Then forgive us for spilling your biggest secrets and darkest moments, laced with the most grotesque criticism to which you can’t respond, to the highest bidder – or there’s even worse to come. That was … Read more

Jan Moore: Prince Harry knows how much this will hurt and infuriate his older brother

Going spare? I also. However, while there has been a lot about Prince Harry this week — everything from his frozen penis to the loss of his virginity outdoors, though these two incidents are sadly unrelated — let’s think about Prince William. Where does all this leave him? Imagine his position. For most of your … Read more