The deep learning filter improves the accuracy of detecting cell mutations and the accuracy of cancer diagnosis

Based on deep learning technology, Deepfilter automatically filters out false positive results generated in next-generation gene sequencing technologies to improve the accuracy and efficiency of cancer diagnosis and treatment. Credit: Tsinghua Science and Technology, Tsinghua University Press Next-generation cancer strategies are based on next-generation gene sequencing (NGS), which paves the way for new techniques and … Read more

Using deep brain stimulation to treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

One of the most innovative medical developments of the 21st century – deep brain stimulation (DBS) – has allowed doctors to target specific regions of the brain and treat conditions such as dystonia, epilepsy, idiopathic tremor, Parkinson’s disease and obsessive-compulsive disorder. This neurosurgical procedure involves implanting electrodes that generate impulses that control abnormal brain activity. … Read more

Watch NASA test a 3D-printed rocket engine made for deep space

Have you ever wondered what a spinning detonation rocket engine looks like? GIF: NASA It’s a very exciting time to be a space freak right now. Agencies around the world recently gathered to The most advanced telescope ever launched In orbit, promising startups Increasingly science fiction means to fly into orbit And NASA is working … Read more

Mia Goth gets off the deep end

picture: neon It’s a little perfect infinity poolWritten and directed by Brandon Cronenberg, Debuts like the subject of “newborns” (those who have gained an unfair professional advantage through family ties) is frantically popular. It’s not entirely unreasonable to ask who gets the keys to our collective cultural ship, but in the case of David Cronenberg … Read more

Here’s a way to miniaturize nuclear batteries in deep space

Color-enhanced image of Pluto from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft taken in July 2015. A more comprehensive exploration of the outer solar system will require efficient power systems for spacecraft. Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHUAPL)/Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) With the advancement of science and technology, we require our space missions to provide more … Read more

Childhood: A Biography Review of a Place – A Classic from the Deep South | Autobiographical books

IThe cult fa writer’s aura lasts long enough, and their work may live up to the status of Penguin Classics. In Leas, that’s what happened to Harry Crews, author of several Southern Gothic novels inhabited by whimsy and sentiment, including his most famous novel, Snakes feast. Born in Georgia in 1935, Cruz passed away in … Read more

The thaw in the commodity markets, and the stock markets are still in deep ice

US Capitol dome. (Farm and Dairy Products file photo) As 2023 searches for a foothold, commodity and stock markets continue to tread paths wrought by last year’s higher-than-expected inflation, a brutal war in Russia, a potential surge in the global pandemic, and a growing power vacuum in American politics. Stock markets hated the bad news … Read more

The refractive processor designed with deep learning computes hundreds of transformations in parallel

Massively parallel global linear transformations using a deep multi-wavelength diffraction neural network. Credit: Ozcan Research Group, UCLA. In today’s digital age, computational tasks are becoming increasingly complex. This, in turn, has led to an exponential growth in the power consumed by digital computers. Thus, it is necessary to develop hardware resources that can perform large-scale … Read more