The success of the Dallas Cowboys depends entirely on the help of Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott will celebrate his 30th birthday on July 29, and the cowboys will be married to him for at least another two years. If this sentence makes you uncomfortable, stop reading now. Given the nature of his contract, don’t be surprised when they extend his deal sometime in the next 18 months to ease … Read more

Are pickles a healthy snack? It depends on how it’s made (here’s how to check)

In case you were wondering if your obsession with pickles fuels your gut health like other fermented foods. Yulia Naumenko / Getty Images It’s hard to resist the tangy, salty crunch of a pickle—the perfect addition to a sandwich, tuna salad, or straight from the jar. But given the links between gut health and pickled … Read more

CES 2023: The future of the Metaverse and VR depends on these glasses-free 3D displays

Metaverse. Metaverse. Metaverse. It seems like half of the companies at CES this year were all pessimistic about the buzzword that is Metaverse. And besides the metaverse, virtual reality was all the rage at CES this year, too. There have been countless prototypes of wearable devices that stick to your face and immerse you in … Read more