The AI ​​at Salesforce has developed a new editing algorithm called EDICT that creates a text-to-image spread with a process that is not reversible given any existing spread model

Source: With the recent developments in technology and the field of artificial intelligence, there have been a lot of innovations. Be it generating text using the super popular ChatGPT template or creating an image from text, everything is possible now. Currently there are several text-to-image models that not only produce a new image from … Read more

A new AI-powered wildlife camera has been developed to improve conservation

Tim van Deursen of Hack The Planet has installed an AI-powered camera trap in Lopé National Park Gabon. Credit: Flores Telles A new project, jointly led by the University of Stirling and Dutch startup Hack the Planet, has developed for the first time an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered wildlife camera that can greatly benefit conservation by … Read more