Can science help customize your diet?

Those of us who have a friend who can eat sugary foods every day and not gain an ounce or a relative who has developed heart disease despite avoiding saturated fats know that one-size-fits-all dietary recommendations don’t reflect how differently we respond to food. But now one of the most comprehensive and ambitious new studies … Read more

What is the dash diet? Sticking to this healthy list can save your heart

boston – Many people understand that they should “eat healthy for their heart,” but what exactly does that mean? Researchers from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center finally provide some details of a heart-healthy diet. Their study found that both the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet and a diet rich in fruits and … Read more

A healthy lifestyle — especially a nutritious diet — appears to slow memory decline in older adults

Marcus Aurelius on Pexels A 10-year study of Chinese adults over the age of 60 showed that a healthy lifestyle, particularly a nutritious diet, is associated with slowing memory decline in the elderly. Published in The BMJ, the major new research shows that the benefits of healthy living are seen even in those who have … Read more

A study finds that weight loss surgery extends life

CNN – Weight loss surgery lowers the risk of premature death, particularly from obesity-related conditions like cancer, diabetes and heart disease, according to a new 40-year study of nearly 22,000 people who had bariatric surgery in Utah. The study found that people who underwent one of four types of weight-loss surgery were less likely to … Read more

How to use one dumbbell in a full body workout

Editor’s note: Dana Santas, better known as “Navigation maker,” is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and mind-body coach in professional sports, and is the author of “Practical Solutions for Back Pain Relief.” CNN – When you think of exercising with dumbbells, you probably imagine using a set of two, one in each hand. There … Read more

Why a high-fat diet can reduce the brain’s ability to regulate food intake

summary: Short-term study reports indicate that astrocytes regulate caloric intake by controlling the signaling pathway between the gut and the brain. Eating diets high in fat and calories disrupts this pathway. Source: Physiological association Regularly eating a high-fat/calorie diet can reduce the brain’s ability to regulate calorie intake. New research in mice was published in … Read more

Although fast food is more available to rural people, they have a healthy diet

When it comes to the availability of healthy or unhealthy food options, the rural-urban divide is nothing but an illusion – the state being the continuum of how far people live without access to food. A recent study in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that only 0.2% of New Zealand’s total land … Read more

Is soy bad for you? 3 things you should know about adding soy to your diet

When Americans were informed of the health-damaging nature of most of what we eat, especially red meat and fatty dairy products, many efforts were made to find alternatives. This is challenging given that meat and dairy have dominated our diet for many decades, and we believe they are essential to meeting protein and calcium requirements. … Read more

Biden’s expert Musharraf claims that obesity cannot be cured with exercise and a good diet

The doctor, who came under fire for comments claiming obesity is more genetic than lifestyle factors in a “60 Minutes” interview earlier this month, is now a member of Biden’s 2025 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which will help Setting the nutritional standards for Americans over the coming years. Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford, MD, an obesity … Read more

Far from fad diet: Fasting changes your gene expression, experts say

One of the fastest growing diet trends has nothing to do with what or how much you eat, however when You are Eating. Restricting meal times, a practice sometimes called intermittent fasting or time-restricted eating, comes in many forms, but generally involves limiting food intake to certain windows. Interestingly, fasting is not just about losing … Read more