What to eat before your morning gym session to maximize your workout

Although not everyone is a “morning person,” early mornings are a great time to exercise and can offer many valuable benefits. But for some people, knowing what to eat beforehand (or whether to eat at all) can be a little confusing. Here, ex-Marine turned personal trainer Patrick Dale, of Volt Fitness He’s revealed a handy … Read more

The one salty snack that no one over 40 should eat anymore is because it’s so bad for your metabolism

Losing weight can always be a difficult process, but it can become especially challenging as you get older and your metabolism slows. While you may be able to get away with eating a lot of highly processed snacks and not gaining a single pound when you were younger, unfortunately, that’s not usually the case for … Read more

“It’s a shame!”: Six companies evacuate Bethlehem’s Westgate Mall amid redevelopment | Eat, sip, shop

BETHLEHEM, PA — One Westgate Mall business has closed, and about half a dozen more are planning to close or relocate in the coming months amid the ongoing redevelopment of the Bethlehem shopping center. The Holiday Hair salon chain closed on Wednesday, while Hobbyists, Fashion Nails, Hawk Music, Subway and Westgate Jewelers and Repairs prepare … Read more

Do you want your child to eat more vegetables? Talk to them about “eating the rainbow”

Today’s parents of young children have been raised through some of diet’s most damaging periods. From diet and “light” foods and drinks, to expensive “superfoods,” one constant across these changing trends has been the moralization of food as “good” or “bad.” These diet movements have led many of us to have difficult relationships with food, … Read more

Phillipsburg gym owners expand operations to include indoor golf and recreation center | Eat, sip, shop

PHILLIPSBURG, NJ — Golfers looking to stay at the top of their game year-round can take a swing at a new facility in Warren County. Burley’s Golf Center, an indoor venue featuring golf simulators, driving ranges, putting greens and a chipping area, opened in early January at 224 Stockton Street in Phillipsburg. The space once … Read more

The only low-fiber food that anyone over 40 should not eat anymore because it practically guarantees weight gain.

Fiber is an essential component of any healthy diet. It keeps your gut healthy, helps regulate your blood sugar, and allows you to stay fuller for longer – all of which contribute to healthy weight loss. However, many of the foods you may eat every day don’t offer much fiber at all, which makes them … Read more

What you should eat before your morning workout, according to a former Navy SEAL turned fitness freak

Morning workouts can keep you feeling energized for the day, that is, if you can be bothered dragging yourself to the gym. But what you eat before you sweat can determine how much progress you make, according to one expert. Former Marine, now gym owner and fitness writer, Patrick Dale shared his tips for the … Read more

What you should eat post-workout, according to the experts

Nutrition goes hand in hand with exercise when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. What you eat post-workout can be just as important as what you eat before you work out. January 2013 study in International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Metabolism He said, “The post-workout period is widely considered the most critical part … Read more

5 types of cheese you can still eat if you have high cholesterol

You may have heard the slogan “everything in moderation”. This of course applies to all foods and (unfortunately) includes cheese. As a registered dietitian, member of a family that owns a cheese shop in New York City, and a sincere cheese lover, I know that sometimes you just can’t get enough of your beloved dairy … Read more

Can you eat pasta on a weight loss diet? Heres what the experts say

Pasta is probably the second most popular Italian dish worldwide (first being pizza). And if you’re anything like us, a plate full of mac and cheese can make you happy anytime. But according to popular belief, the cheese, carbohydrates, and gluten in pasta recipes take their toll on our bodies. This is exactly the reason … Read more