This indicator of recession is approaching the point of no return. But stocks historically rise if the Fed cuts and the economy continues to grow.

It’s too early to announce the Goldilocks environment, even if the major asset classes at least point to a better opportunity for it. S&P 500 SPX Index, +0.54% gained 5% this year, and the high-tech Nasdaq Composite COMP, +1.07% It rose 8%, even with a seemingly daily influx of job cut announcements. Stay tuned on … Read more

Pakistan’s economy is nearing collapse with low foreign exchange reserves

Pakistan’s economy is in danger of collapsing, with persistent power outages and an acute shortage of foreign currency leaving businesses struggling to operate as authorities try to revive a bailout from the International Monetary Fund to ease a worsening crisis. Shipping containers full of imports are piling up at Pakistani ports, according to the country’s … Read more

Glass artist Chihuly will bring his “most ambitious” exhibition to the Missouri Botanical Garden

Officials announced Wednesday that world-famous glass artist Dale Chihuly will bring his whimsical and colorful works to the Missouri Botanical Garden this spring for the garden’s “most ambitious” exhibition ever. Chihuly and his crew have created 18 installations that will add even more dramatic color across the park’s 79 acres. The exhibit will be larger … Read more

The Crypto Token Economy Is Second-Order Fraud

The cryptocurrency meltdown is regularly described as a liquidity crisis by industry insiders and uncritical media outlets. The story goes something like this: a downturn in crypto markets, perhaps the result of negative trends in the broader economy, triggered a liquidity crisis that led to cascading bankruptcies across the industry. By this telling, the trouble … Read more

Metro Community College launches Smartphone Repair Academy

The Nebraska Urban League plans to expand its School and Youth Action programs with the largest single donation in its 90-year history, $2.9 million from philanthropist and author Mackenzie Scott. Jason DeWater was looking to expand his iFixOmaha electronics repair business outside of the Omaha metro area. But he did not have a staff of … Read more

Business taxes rise as the US economy heads into choppy waters

Harvard economist Jason Furman shares his economic outlook for 2023, focusing on recession fears, the Fed’s agenda, and geopolitical factors. A number of business taxes are rising as the US economy faces a growing risk of a recession, threatening to prolong the financial pain for many businesses and consumers. Starting this year, businesses will face … Read more

A new book highlights the history of Chinese immigrants in Napa Valley

A detailed discussion and celebration of the contributions of Chinese immigrants took place locally earlier this week — days before Sunday’s celebrations of the Year of the Rabbit. As part of the Napa County Historical Society Lecture Series, author John McCormick presented his new book, The Chinese in Napa Valley: The Forgotten Community That Built … Read more

5 things to know on January 19: the economy, New Zealand, Covid-19, Ukraine, Amazon

CNN – A street snack known as “dragon’s breath” is at the center of a dangerous new viral video trend. The colorful candies are dipped in liquid nitrogen to create a vapor effect when eaten – creating smoke-like fumes that billow from the mouth, nose and ears. Health officials are warning against eating the popular … Read more

The United Nations Secretary-General warned that the global economy is heading towards the “eye of a Category 5 hurricane.”

UN Secretary-General António Guterres identifies the “perfect storm” plaguing the global economy and shares what the UN is doing to help with Davos 2023. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres presented a sobering view of the global economy at Davos 2023, warning that the world is heading towards a Category 5 economic hurricane. “We are looking … Read more

Nonprofit organizations boost the economy. But the industry needs help.

font size American nonprofits account for about 10% of the workforce. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images About the author: Stanley Leto She is the Accenture Professor of Practice at Duke University and a member of the Board of Trustees at the State University of New York. He previously served as President of the IBM Corporation and is … Read more