Sea urchins wreak havoc on kelp forests in Tasmania. How can we stop this environmental disaster?

Every year, a supercharged ocean current due to climate change brings destructive and spiny species south from New South Wales to the rocky reefs of eastern Tasmania. Long-spined sea urchins are bad news for Tasmanian marine life, as this species can quickly gnaw through swaying kelp forests to bald rocks, forming underwater moonscapes known as … Read more

University College London researchers have found that hostile environmental policies disrupt the delivery of maternity care to refugees, asylum-seekers and irregular migrants.

University College London researchers have found that hostile environmental policies disrupt the delivery of maternity care to refugees, asylum-seekers and irregular migrants. January 30, 2023Eye An academic report released last October looks at the experiences of pregnant refugee women, asylum seekers and irregular migrants in the London borough of Camden, accessing maternal health care in … Read more

Air quality is improving as the Environmental Protection Agency battles the Alabama landfill fire

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been at the site of the Alabama landfill fire for just over a week, and air quality readings taken at the site are starting to show some improvement as contractors work to put out an underground fire with dirt. The air quality in the area may still be hazardous … Read more

No accusations of environmental crimes – NPA will not prosecute …

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has refused to prosecute a criminal case linked to the controversial Karpowership SA project. A case was opened in May 2021 by the Environmental Management Inspectorate (also known as the Green Scorpions) investigating environmental crimes. It is about Karpowership’s 2020 attempt to bypass the complex process of obtaining environmental permits. … Read more

Biden’s electric car agenda ignores environmental costs

photo illustration: curb; Images: Getty “There is always a huge climate benefit – and I would argue it’s a safety benefit – to ensuring people have access to excellent public transport,” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said earlier this month at the Transportation Research Council’s annual meeting. “Even if we’re not working aggressively to decarbonize current … Read more

War leaves a toxic environmental legacy that lingers long after the guns have been quieted. Can we stop it?

The number of armed conflicts raging around the world is the largest since the end of World War II. These wars can leave toxic environmental legacies and cause untold damage to human health. A quarter of the world’s population – or two billion people – live in countries at war. They include Ukraine, Yemen, Syria, … Read more

Scientists perform real-time environmental sensing of more than 524 kilometers of live air fibres

Figure 1 (a) Experimental setup showing real-time communication of the transceiver prototype to the live network. The low baud rate signal is combined with ASE upload and connected to a direct ROADM with a dedicated channel bandwidth of 50GHz. b Map of the Swedish Sunet fiber network with the 524 km route from Gothenburg to … Read more

Virginia residents reject a massive solar farm plan for the third time, citing environmental concerns

A local jurisdiction in Northern Virginia has come close to rejecting a clean energy developer’s plan to build a massive 149 megawatt solar facility on a sprawling farmland for the third time in three years. The Culpeper County, Virginia, Planning Commission, a nine-member panel that reviews zoning and development proposals in the county, voted unanimously … Read more