DSD-MatchingNet: sparse to dense deformable f | EurekAlert!

Image: left to right: one image with a key point the red circle in (a), intermediate feature maps generated by DSD-MatchingNet (b,c,d), final correspondence map (e), and predicted correspondence point in the other image (And) Opinion more Credit: Beijing Zhongke Journal Publishing Co., Ltd. Ltd. Detection methods based on deep convolutional networks search for points … Read more

Deflection handler designed with deep learning | EurekAlert!

image: Massively parallel global linear transformations using a multi-wavelength deep refractive neural network. Opinion more Credit: Image courtesy of Ozcan Research Group, UCLA. In today’s digital age, computational tasks are becoming increasingly complex. This, in turn, has led to an exponential growth in the power consumed by digital computers. Thus, it is necessary to develop … Read more