One experiment explores whether exercise can sharpen the brilliant minds of competitive gamers

A new documentary has revealed the groundbreaking findings of a unique experiment exploring whether exercise can sharpen the brilliant minds of competitive gamers. The Prime Video documentary, Mind Games: The Experiment, saw a number of high-profile gamers work fitness into their training regimes for four months. Among those featured in the film are Danish international … Read more

A 50-meter laser experiment sets a record in the university’s corridor

A laser is sent through the UMD corridor in an experiment to block the light as it makes its 45-meter flight. Credit: Intense Laser Interactions Laboratory, UMD Not every university has laser pulses powerful enough to burn paper and leather, the glowing pulses being sent down the hallway. But that’s what happened at UMD’s Energy … Read more

A nuclear reactor experiment rules out one dark matter hope

Dark matter makes up more than a quarter of the universe, but it remains shrouded in mystery. An anomaly discovered in a nuclear reactor storm was so baffling that physicists hoped it would shed light on dark matter, one of the universe’s greatest mysteries. However, the new research has categorically ruled out that this strange … Read more

Controversy erupted over the non-consensual AI mental health experiment

Zoom in / An AI-generated image of a person talking to a secret robotic handler. Ars Technica On Friday, Coco co-founder Rob Morris announce on Twitter that his company ran an experiment giving AI-written mental health counseling to 4,000 people without informing them first, The Verge reports. The critics have it named The experiment is … Read more

Effect of nationwide school policy on device-measured physical activity in Danish children and adolescents: a natural experiment

Summary Background A new Danish school policy with a requirement for 45 min physical activity daily during school hours was introduced in 2014. The objective of this natural experiment was to evaluate the effect of this nationwide school policy on physical activity in Danish children and adolescents. Methods Four historical studies completed between 2009 and 2012 … Read more