“I want other people to see the women in the room and think they might want to have a female colleague

Almog Zussman-Lehmann’s position as Community and Partnerships Leader at Amiti Ventures is about connecting people. “My role at Amiti is to make sure our values ​​are expressed, other than of course making sure the founders know about us. Also, by running the community, I have the ability to look for more foundations.” Then Zussman spoke … Read more

Fitness trainer Vicki Hill shares her simple “lifestyle” to help you lose a pound in a week

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Princess Eugenie speaking in Davos about climate change and her son Augustus

Princess Eugenie has revealed how becoming a mother changed her – including fueling her passion for tackling climate change and giving her a fear of flying. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Eugenie, 32, discussed how she changed her behavior at home (eg, not using plastic) to educate her son, August, about the … Read more

One experiment explores whether exercise can sharpen the brilliant minds of competitive gamers

A new documentary has revealed the groundbreaking findings of a unique experiment exploring whether exercise can sharpen the brilliant minds of competitive gamers. The Prime Video documentary, Mind Games: The Experiment, saw a number of high-profile gamers work fitness into their training regimes for four months. Among those featured in the film are Danish international … Read more

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Aldi’s Special Buys Fitness Collection will launch on January 28th in Australia

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Physical education teacher Belinda Norton shares the 5 things she’s learned in her 25 years in the industry

The physical education teacher who looks better now in her 40s than she did in her 20s has shared five things she learned in 25 years in the industry that have completely transformed her health and body. Belinda Norton, 45, from the Gold Coast, said ‘successful body health’ is less about a short-term quick fix … Read more