Better than 2021? Project finance has boomed like never before in these three countries

Last year couldn’t top the year venture capital has seen in 2021 — at least in most geographies. While the holy trinity of project finance – California, New York and Massachusetts –Seen a Huge Decline (We’ll get to that tomorrow) Some states had big gains last year, according to Crunchbase data. “It doesn’t surprise me,” … Read more

It’s time for your 5-point year-end personal finance check

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Crypto can help teach kids about personal finance

Being financially literate means understanding how skills such as money management, budgeting, and investing can be used to make effective financial decisions. The earlier these skills are adopted in life, the greater the opportunity to accumulate wealth. Unfortunately, the education system is sorely lacking in teaching the financial literacy and application skills we need to … Read more

How to pick the best robo advisor for you

Though the investment markets continue to be scary, there’s some good news for anybody who is ready to put some money to work. Thanks to fierce competition among robo advisor firms, even beginning and small investors can now get top-notch portfolio advice and management at vanishingly low prices — in some cases, for free. Robo … Read more

How to get better at personal finance in 2023 and beyond

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How to set up a franchise: 8 popular franchise businesses under Rs 50 lakh

If team meetings, appraisals, deadlines, nitpicking bosses and backstabbing colleagues are making your life miserable, it’s perhaps time to quit your 9 to 5 job. But the thought of starting your own venture and finding the funds to finance your dream can be terrifying too. A good start to get your entrepreneurial dream going is … Read more

IT news online – Fujitsu quantum simulator evaluates vulnerability of RSA cipher system to potential threat of quantum computer cryptography

JCN Newswire2023-01-23 TOKYO, Jan. 23, 2023 — (JCN Newswire) — With concerns growing surrounding the potential threat quantum computing poses to existing cryptographic methods, Fujitsu today revealed that it has conducted successful experiments evaluating the widely used RSA cipher(1) for its potential for vulnerability. To crack the code by quantum computers. Fujitsu conducted the experiments … Read more

Top 10 Finance Podcasts of 2023

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The personal finance market in Saudi Arabia is growing exponentially with outstanding credit expected to contribute more than SAR 800 billion by 2026: Kane Research

Kean Research The report covers the consumer finance sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the future of consumer finance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the requirements for licensing consumer finance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the future growth of the consumer finance market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the players of … Read more

Paying off your credit card debt is a good solution for the new year

Carrying a balance has always been expensive, but it’s especially expensive now. The average credit card interest rate in mid-December was 19.42%, the highest rate since 1992. As the Federal Reserve continues to raise short-term interest rates to stifle inflation, average rates could rise even higher, says Ted Rossman, Credit card analyzer for, which … Read more