A study finds that weight loss surgery extends life

CNN – Weight loss surgery lowers the risk of premature death, particularly from obesity-related conditions like cancer, diabetes and heart disease, according to a new 40-year study of nearly 22,000 people who had bariatric surgery in Utah. The study found that people who underwent one of four types of weight-loss surgery were less likely to … Read more

Kia Rookie Ladder: AJ Griffin finds his rhythm in Atlanta

AJ Griffin talks with his father, Adrian Griffin, an assistant coach for the Raptors, before the game. The NBA rookie “wall” is a steadfast barrier to new player development, something that most of them become overworked, injured, overused, or even underused at some point in their rookie seasons. AJ Griffin, the 19-year-old winger for the … Read more

In The Sweet Spot, Dallas native Amy Buble finds humor in the challenges women face

Amy Buble’s stories from Dallas are filled with warmth and humor. Her fourth book is no exception. sweet spot, scheduled for January 31, features artist Lorraine and Professor Liu and their children, in-laws, friends and foes. It is largely set in the New York City brownstone that houses a neighborhood bar downstairs. A job opportunity … Read more

Study finds it’s nearly impossible to destroy ‘rubble pile’ asteroids

asteroid Itokawa. Credit: Curtin University Research conducted by Curtin University on the durability and age of an ancient asteroid made of rocky rubble and dust revealed important results that could contribute to saving the planet if one of them launched towards Earth. The international team studied three tiny dust particles collected from the surface of … Read more

Olivia Mahaffey finds her way back after heartbreaking breakup – The Irish Times

Olivia Mahaffy knew something had to change. It wasn’t right to say that she couldn’t go on like this. If anything, that was part of the problem. Carrying on like this has been what she’s been doing for most of the year. It was all you knew how to do. Her father, Phillip, passed away … Read more

Analysis Finds Medicaid Expansion Boon for Public Health, Workforce and Hospitals – New Hampshire Bulletin

Lawmakers must decide this year whether to continue spending millions each year to provide additional health coverage for the 50,000 to 90,000 low-income people through the expanded Medicaid program. The New Hampshire Institute for Fiscal Policy, long looked to by lawmakers for nonpartisan financial analysis, released a report this week with several arguments for doing … Read more

Obese man finds his weight ‘exhausting’, goes on a fitness trip and loses £250

An Iowa man on a steady fitness journey lost an incredible 250 pounds (about 118 kg) over the course of eight years in a healthy way. No longer obese, he hopes his weight loss story will inspire others to pursue their goals and succeed. Heath Thompson, 35, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has always been a … Read more

The Young and the Restless recap: Nick finds out Sally is pregnant

At the Abbott mansion, Diane tells Kyle and Summer that by bringing Jeremy’s necklace, she has proven her loyalty. She explains how she made him take a bath so she could plant evidence. Jack tells them how Chance executed the search warrant and turned Stark over to the Chicago Police Department. Kyle is still not … Read more

A study finds that barriers to preventing congenital syphilis are magnified by drug use

January 20, 2023 2 minutes to read Source/Disclosures Disclosures: Please see the study for all relevant financial disclosures of the authors. Add a subject to email alerts Receive an email when new articles are posted on Please provide your email address to receive an email when new articles are posted on . data-action = Subscribe … Read more