GoMechanic advances 70% after investors find founders’ ‘intentionally wrong facts’ • TechCrunch

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Ganesh Balakrishnan: Days after the Flatheads founder’s presentation, Shreks Aman Gupta and Vinita Singh sent this letter to Ganesh Balakrishnan

Flatheads founder Ganesh Balakrishnan’s story on ‘Shark Tank India 2’ was a tale every new entrepreneur can relate to. Despite his struggles and failure to raise money from the commercial reality TV show, Balakrishnan’s entrepreneurial spirit has garnered much praise across the country. Also read: After Shark Tank India 2 goes downhill, Flatheads founder reveals … Read more

What makes these start-up founders innovators in their own right

When her son began school in 2015, Harini Sivakumar had a strong urge to earn her own money. Belonging to a traditional family from Chennai, Harini had been married at 22. A year later, she became mother to a child with Down’s Syndrome. The next seven years were spent as a homemaker who also created … Read more

In Iceland, startup founders are creating new ways to tackle environmental crises

January 9, 2023 at 6:00 AM EST Julie Encausse, founder and CEO of bioplastics start-up Marea, and Jan-Eric Jessen, head of research and development at Galef, work at the Galef production facility on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula. (Hedda Helgadottir for The Washington Post) Comment on this story Suspension Rykjanes Peninsula, Iceland – The red-green electric glow … Read more