This is the income you need to live like a team of friends today

Image source: Getty Images Spoiler alert: It takes more than a waitress’ salary to make a decent place to live. the main points friends It remains a very popular TV show with younger viewers and Gen Xers alike. characters on friends They enjoyed a very comfortable lifestyle despite modest and inconsistent earnings. These days it … Read more

Friends’ star Maggie Wheeler reacts to Matthew Perry’s diary

“Friends” star Maggie Wheeler said Matthew Perry’s memoir was “sad” and “hard” to read. ” . In Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, Perry reveals that he nearly died several years ago at the age of 49 when his colon burst from opioid overuse. He spent two weeks in a coma, five months in … Read more

Harry Styles splits the pants on stage in front of celebrity crush Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston attended Harry Styles’ party on Thursday — and experienced a wardrobe malfunction. While the former One Direction member was singing “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” to his audience in Inglewood, California, he knelt and ripped his pants. After the 28-year-old singer made a shocked face in front of the audience, he covered tears … Read more

A college basketball star says her biggest rivals are also her “closest friends” — and that makes her want to “beat them” even more

Haley Jones.Players Tribune Stanford star and NCAA champion Haley Jones has started her own podcast with The Players Tribune. “I Hoop” highlights college basketball stars and their lives on and off the court. Jones told Insider about interviewing her opponents in court — who are her “closest friends.” Haley Jones does a little bit of … Read more

Robot friends and AI tools: What awaits technology in the classroom?

The gadgets at CES in Las Vegas — including charming companion robots and comfy headphones — are a nod to the ever-changing technological landscape of K-12 education. Schools, which had been tiptoeing toward adoption, started a sprint with the onset of the pandemic. And while distance learning has somewhat died down, the conversation about technology … Read more

Xi Jinping’s plan to reset China’s economy and win back friends

The costs of China’s chaotic exit from its zero-Covid strategy are surging. In spite of a virtually static official death toll, a slew of obituaries for elderly public figures from academics to opera singers demonstrate the impact of the virus among its vulnerable population. Hospitals in several parts of the country are overwhelmed, and a … Read more