Jesper Wallstedt revealed: Meet Wilde’s future No. 1 – ‘an ace in the hole’

DES MOINES, Iowa – The game is almost over, but Jesper Wallstedt isn’t done having fun. The wild standout goaltender was wrapping up his seventh straight win with AHL Iowa Saturday night. The team took a three-goal lead over Coachella Valley with 17 seconds left in the game when Michael Jackson’s voice began blaring from … Read more

Tate Modern ruling on privacy could lead to worrying future for cities | building

tVerdict: People who live in glass houses may throw stones with impunity. After six years of legal battles, the highest court in the land has ruled that residents of the luxury glass-walled apartments opposite the Tate Modern gallery face an unacceptable level of “constant visual intrusion”. They’ve been content with the dream of living in … Read more

ChatGPT, OpenAI, Napster: AI is the future and so are the lawsuits

That was fast: artificial intelligence has gone from science fiction to the novelty to the thing we’re pretty sure is the future. Very fast. One easy way to gauge change is in the headlines — like the one announcing Microsoft’s $10 billion investment in OpenAI, the company behind the dazzling ChatGPT script generator, followed by … Read more

Outstanding Alumni and Philanthropists Inspiring Future Generations with Scholarships Awarded and Medical Alumni Association Support – Faculty of Medicine News

Early in his life, Mahir Elder, MD, Res. ’02, Phil. He knew ’05, ’06 he wanted to be part of something bigger: He wanted to be part of a community of physicians who not only have the best interests of patients and their care, but also stand up for them. “There are very few professions … Read more

Satyr: This video of British songwriter David Bowie predicting the future of the internet in 1999 is a joke | by PesaCheck | January 2023

The video was produced and shared by British comedian Michael Spicer. This Facebook video that purports to show a 1999 interview with British songwriter David Bowie predicting a bleak future for the Internet is SATIRICAL. “David Bowie predicts the impact of the Internet on Newsnight (1999). Watch till the end,” reads the post accompanying the … Read more

Apple has patented immersive video streaming for a future mixed reality headset

Today, the United States Patent and Trademark Office officially granted Apple a patent related to streaming immersive video content to a user wearing a head-mounted device. Immersive video streaming According to Apple, immersive video content can be presented to the user in three dimensions using a wearable display device, such as a virtual reality headset … Read more

Larry Mize makes a decision about the future ahead of the 2023 Masters tournament

Larry Maze says goodbye. The 1987 Masters champion assured that the 2023 Masters tournament – his 40th in a row – would be his last. Miz, an Augusta native who lives in Columbus, Ga., hinted last April that 2023 might be his last competitive appearance, but after missing the cut on Friday the 78th, he … Read more

Rockets at NBA trade deadline and their future projection: Hollinger and Iko

With the Feb. 9 trade deadline inching closer, the Houston Rockets are in an interesting position. They are 12-38, last in the Western Conference, but still have intrigue with a veteran capable of helping a playoff team in Eric Gordon, a bunch of young players and solid draft capital at their disposal. The season hasn’t … Read more

Is the Miami Heat the future of the NBA defense?

In his 2014 novel, “Basketball Analytics: Spatial Tracking,” Stephen Shea identified frame protection as the first variable that contributed to a team’s defensive evaluation. Looking at the cream of the crop defensively in 2023, it looks like Shea’s finding still holds true today: Screenshot taken from on January 29, 2023 Teams are ranked … Read more