Amick: The NBA MVP race, the Wild West and why the Hawks, Grizzlies should make deadline trades

A public service announcement to my fellow NBA scribes who have a vote for Most Valuable Player: This race is far from over, so please don’t lose your focus down the stretch of the second half. Narratives be darned, the games from here until mid-April should be analyzed and scrutinized as dutifully as the ones … Read more

Warriors Trade Scenarios: What I Hear About Jonathan Cuminga, James Wiseman, and More

BOSTON – The Golden State Warriors’ biggest deadline deal came during Bob Myers tenure three seasons ago. They turned on D’Angelo Russell in favor of Andrew Wiggins and the pick that became Jonathan Kuminga, getting rid of the luxury tax in the process. But that deal was executed when the Warriors had a 12-40 record, … Read more

Thompson: If Andrew Wiggins made playoff comeback, Warriors’ loss to Suns was a win

San Francisco – The fourth quarter started with the Warriors down 19 points. Steve Kerr went with a small squad, four players on the wing and Draymond Green in the center, trying to start some kind of positive. Visiting Phoenix, who played without most of their key players, did the opposite. Dario Daric, at 6-foot-10, … Read more

Why do NBA stars score so many points? Understanding the league’s scoring boom

If you’ve noticed the sharp rise in the signing of NBA stars lately, you’re not the only one. Two-time NBA defending champion Nikola Jokic sees it, too. Sometimes the Denver Nuggets need a 44-point three-pointer from Jokic, as he did against the Phoenix Suns on Christmas. On Thursday night, Jokić took notice when Utah Jazz … Read more