The highest funded allotment in Alaska is a $99 million gym in Fort Wainwright. Officials say it will boost military mental health.

A military base at Fort Wainwright, photographed September 9, 2015. (Loren Holmes/ADN) WASHINGTON — The most expensive Alaskan project in a federal spending bill funds a $99 million gym in Fort Wainwright. The Fort Wainwright Fitness Center extension in Fairbanks will include an indoor track and AstroTurf field that military personnel and their families can … Read more

What to eat before your morning gym session to maximize your workout

Although not everyone is a “morning person,” early mornings are a great time to exercise and can offer many valuable benefits. But for some people, knowing what to eat beforehand (or whether to eat at all) can be a little confusing. Here, ex-Marine turned personal trainer Patrick Dale, of Volt Fitness He’s revealed a handy … Read more

Redditors cringe when guy asks if it’s wrong to use the treadmill in their building gym for four hours a day

One Reddit user from New York confirmed that although his gym habits were unusual, he wasn’t rude to anyone else for using the treadmill in his apartment building’s gym for four hours a day. More than 2,000 people responded to his query on Reddit – and he shared his thoughts with Fox News Digital on … Read more

Stow gym Tyrannosaurus Flex serves as a gym and community center

Kellie Dziemianzuk spent 14 years as a special education teacher, with a side gig teaching fitness at a local gym. When the COVID-19 pandemic descended in 2020, Dziemianzuk decided to put the side gig front and center. She struck out on her own and founded Tyrannosaurus Flex, the name inspired by a bright purple ceramic … Read more

Influencer Jessica Fernandez Admits Mistake After Calling The Word “Creep” At The Gym

She feels embarrassed. Twitch influencer Jessica Fernandez issued an apology on Tuesday after going viral for posting a video of a “brutal” man at the gym who she claimed was staring at her “like a piece of meat.” Fernandez posted his apology on TwitLonger — an extension of Twitter that allows users to post tweets … Read more

Phillipsburg gym owners expand operations to include indoor golf and recreation center | Eat, sip, shop

PHILLIPSBURG, NJ — Golfers looking to stay at the top of their game year-round can take a swing at a new facility in Warren County. Burley’s Golf Center, an indoor venue featuring golf simulators, driving ranges, putting greens and a chipping area, opened in early January at 224 Stockton Street in Phillipsburg. The space once … Read more

Hip mobility exercises that will help office workers and gym junkies alike

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time each day sitting, your hips probably need a little attention. Whether you’re aware of it or not, this part of your body is kind of vital to everyday movement, and many of us neglect these joints—leading to stretched and weak muscles. So, with all of that … Read more

Leaving the Gym Fee: The Best Ways to Get Fit for No (or Little) Cost | fitness

IIf you want to get fit, joining a gym is often the starting point, but the financial pressures of the cost-of-living crisis mean that for many Brits, committing to another big monthly expense simply isn’t an option. In fact, a study released this month found that more than a third of consumers gave up a … Read more

Why the Workouts Don’t Work: Fitness experts reveal the things that will stop the gym from producing results

Consistency with your workout routine can be a challenge, but when you finally get it done and don’t see any significant changes – it can be even more frustrating. It turns out that there are many things you might be doing in your daily life Hindering your results in the gym – from not getting … Read more

Vitruvian Trainer+ is the ultimate home gym that delivers on its promises • TechCrunch

The connected-home gym equipment craze likely saw its peak during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, as indicators like Peloton’s fortunes point to a waning interest as people return to using their gym memberships. But this category still has a lot of potential, especially if the gear in question can combine smarts with other key … Read more