Classroom Clinic is a “savior” for mental health services | News

In 2019, psychiatric nurse Su Jiling founded the Classroom Clinic out of frustration with the lack of access to mental health services in rural areas. After nearly four years, the company will soon expand to a larger size thanks to help from the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) board. Sue Gilling, founder of the Classroom … Read more

New York can boost funds for children’s mental health – New York Daily News

In this month’s state governor’s state speech, Hochul State announced an unprecedented $1 billion investment in improving mental health services; It is a bold step to address the mental health needs of adults and children in New York State. With nearly 20% of adults in the state suffering from a mental health disorder and students … Read more

4 debunking nutrition and weight loss myths for better health 2023

Post on PinterestDiets and nutrition trends are often promoted on social media to get people excited, but they are usually not sustainable for long-term health. Valentina Pareto/Stocksy Many Americans turn to social media for health information related to diets and weight loss. It can be difficult to know how to decipher what is realistic and … Read more

A warmer climate may prompt fungi to be more dangerous to our health

published January 30, 2023 all meta credits Carl Lev Bates University contacts tags Molecular genetics and microbiology schools Trinity College of Arts and Sciences medical school worlds Joseph Heitman Head of the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology James b. Duke Distinguished Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Professor of molecular genetics and microbiology Professor … Read more

In the Aisle: Supplements Support the Mental Health Revolution

Today, we are in the midst of an arguably long overdue revolution in mental health. Once a taboo topic, mental health has been slowly shedding stigma and becoming more mainstream in recent years. But the COVID-19 pandemic has opened the floodgates. Related: Observer: Consumers are stressed. The natural products industry has answers Now more than … Read more

Improving population health outcomes for patients with higher rates of healthcare utilization

High-intensity primary care models can reduce healthcare utilization, but robust multidisciplinary approaches are necessary to improve risk stratification, social determinants of health, and behavioral health of high-needs, high-cost patients. The total cost associated with healthcare in the United States continues to rise, with healthcare expenditures now accounting for 18.3% of GDP. Healthcare spending remains highly … Read more

The community-funded Northwest Side Mental Health Clinic comes to Logan Square

LOGAN SQUARE – Plans to open a community-funded mental health clinic on the Northwest Side have taken a leap forward as project leaders secured a site for the facility after years of planning and advocacy. The group that led the effort last month signed a lease for a storefront at 3557 W. Armitage Avenue in … Read more

Governor Mills nominates CEO for a new Office of Affordable Health Care

Meg Garratt-Reed to head a new independent agency created to analyze health care cost drivers and propose solutions for people in Maine Governor Janet Mills announced today that she has nominated Meg Garratt-Reid, director of the Office of the Health Insurance Marketplace at the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, as Executive Director of … Read more

Boost your heart health with this 28-day strength training and walking plan

Welcome to Start TODAY. Subscribe to our site FREE newsletter Get started today To receive daily workouts and inspiration sent to your inbox. Then, join us on Start a TODAY Facebook group To get tips and motivation, to connect with others following the plan – and to get real-time tips from trainer Stephanie Mansour! February … Read more

Here’s How We Can Lower Health Care Costs – The Morning Call

The high cost of health care is a known problem facing the United States. The personal well-being of our citizens and the economic prosperity of Pennsylvania depend on everyone taking proactive action to lower prices. Fortunately, we have the tools available to empower our elected officials and ordinary citizens to demand accountability, transparency and control … Read more