“Hope is home,” says Deion Sanders, in Colorado

BOULDER, CO — “Prime Coach” Deion Sanders proudly recited numbers from his first Colorado recruiting class. Two five-star recruits. He was ranked 23rd in the general classification, the highest in 15 years, indicating that he had begun to reshape his team in the transfer portal. Then a quick reminder: He’s not done with the talent … Read more

Home Depot co-founder, 93, slams ‘awake’ business leaders and ‘lazy’ office workers

The 93-year-old co-founder of Home Depot has attacked the current generation of business leaders for prioritizing “wake up” issues over shareholders and employees. Bernie Marcus, valued at more than $5 billion by Bloomberg, said he was dismayed to see the world’s business leaders gather in Davos this year and call for investment in causes that … Read more

Jimmy Veese found his home with the Rangers in Round 2

Rick Nash couldn’t help but keep an eye on Jimmy Veese during Rangers training camp ahead of the 2016-2017 season. Here was a 23-year-old who was walking away from one of the most publicly publicized free sweepstakes in recent memory. Vesey declined to sign with the Predators, who drafted him 66th overall in 2012 and … Read more

Florida city officials are promoting the New Home Repair and Assistance Program

the shop. Relief is here for some people in Boynton Beach who need money to make home repairs or to help them buy a home. As Angela Rosier reports, the city is over $1 million to help eligible people meet some of these needs. Boynton Beach homeowners who enter can now apply for up to … Read more

The best smart exercise bikes for home cycling

Whether you’re taking a break from cycling at the local gym or looking for a new way to get active at home, a smart exercise bike might be just the thing you need to keep your muscles moving without having to leave your house. But what makes an exercise bike “smart,” you wonder? Well, not … Read more

“River Sing Me Home” by Eleanor Shearer Is GMA’s Book Club February Pick

“River Sing Me Home,” author Eleanor Shearer’s debut novel, is Book Club’s February Book Club “GMA” Novel of the Month. The book follows Rachel, a mother in the early 19th century, and her powerful journey across the Caribbean to find her stolen children in the aftermath of slavery. It offers a look at the ambiguity … Read more

A better smart home device than ever

When Apple updated the HomePod mini to 16.3, they added the ability to access long-hidden humidity and temperature sensors hidden inside the speakers. The sensors open up a number of possibilities within HomeKit, including some great smart home automations you can set up to make your home just a little more comfortable. HomePod small temperature … Read more

The wave of nursing home closures in rural areas is increasing amid the employment crisis

Written by Tony Lees Wacon, Iowa – Marjorie Kreuger She was shocked to learn last fall that she would have to leave the nursing home where she had lived comfortably for six years. Officials told Kruger and 38 other residents in September that the Good Samaritan Society’s facility in Postsville, Iowa, would close. The facility … Read more

How to Uncover Hidden Fees and Outsmart Your Home Internet Provider

The internet is home to heartwarming puppy bus rides, thrilling streaming shows and hilarious memes. But we don’t get the warm fuzzies from our internet service providers. ISPs are at the bottom of the list in terms of customer satisfaction — even lower than the Department of Motor Vehicles, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index.  … Read more