The Hubble telescope has found a hungry black hole that is wrapping the swirling star into a doughnut shape

This sequence of artist’s illustrations shows how a black hole can devour a passing star. 1. An ordinary star passes near a supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy. 2. The outer gases of the star are drawn into the gravitational field of the black hole. 3. A star gets ripped apart when … Read more

JWST is a shiny new space telescope, but the dependable Hubble Telescope is still going strong

The venerable Hubble Space Telescope has cemented its place in history. Some call it the most successful science experiment ever. And while the James Webb Space Telescope may vie for that title, Hubble does things that even the powerful JWST can’t. Figure A: This stunning image of NGC 6355. NGC 6355 is a globular cluster … Read more