What you need to know about this important micronutrient

There has been a lot of chatter on social media over the past few months about the importance of magnesium supplementation. Many suggest that symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, muscle tension, and low energy are all signs of a magnesium deficiency and that you should take a magnesium supplement. As it turns out, many of … Read more

Samsung’s SmartThings iOS app now puts you in control of your important devices

Today, Samsung’s SmartThings app for iPhone and iPad was updated to add support for Matter devices. For those who are not familiar with SmartThings, it is Samsung’s smart home platform, which is similar to Apple HomeKit. The SmartThings platform was updated with Matter support back in October, with Samsung rolling out Matter integration into SmartThings … Read more

The seven nutrients important for mental health

Dietary nutrients are essential to brain structure and function, so they have the potential to have a profound impact on mental health. An increasingly robust body of research points to the harmful impact of unhealthy diets and nutrient deficiencies, and to the preventive value of healthy diets – together with selected nutritional supplements as appropriate … Read more

Why the numbers written on Will Zalatoris’ driver are so important

by: Jonathan Wall January 19, 2023 Zalatoris has made a change to its Titleist TSR3 driver after returning to competition this month. Jonathan Wall / Golf Will Zalatoris made his long-awaited return to training two weeks ago at the Sentry Tournament of Champions after a five-month absence due to two herniated discs in his lower … Read more

Learn why a healthy work culture is important

We’re in the new year now and one of the top workplace wellness trends for 2023 is ‘focusing on mental wellbeing at work’ and rightfully so. In the past few years, mental health has emerged as a new focus area for employee well-being driven by the rapidly increasing number of people experiencing mental health conditions … Read more

The stock market will be watching these earnings numbers. This is why your portfolio is so important.

Corporate earnings season has just begun, and the fourth-quarter results that will stream in over the next couple of weeks could be very important to investors, Tommy Kilgore explains. Mark Hulbert looks at an important trend that we hope will not reverse this earnings season. More coverage as earnings season begins: The electric vehicle market … Read more

The most important technologies that will shape human ambitions in 2023

If 2020 was a year full of unprecedented changes and 2021 was a year of recovery and resilience, then 2022 has proven to be everyone’s favorite child. This was particularly true for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa as we opened new foundations to advance conversations about climate change, developed our capabilities in space exploration, … Read more