The deep learning filter improves the accuracy of detecting cell mutations and the accuracy of cancer diagnosis

Based on deep learning technology, Deepfilter automatically filters out false positive results generated in next-generation gene sequencing technologies to improve the accuracy and efficiency of cancer diagnosis and treatment. Credit: Tsinghua Science and Technology, Tsinghua University Press Next-generation cancer strategies are based on next-generation gene sequencing (NGS), which paves the way for new techniques and … Read more

This artificial intelligence (AI) search improves both lip-syncing and rendering quality for generating speaking faces by alleviating the challenge of mapping with memories.

With talking face creation, it is possible to create realistic video images of a target person that match the speech content. Because it provides visuals to the interested person as well as audio, it holds a lot of promise in applications such as virtual avatars, online conferences, and animated movies. The most widely used technologies … Read more

The organizational unit led group improves the ability to identify and

Photo: Summer blooming Microcystis at Castle Rock Pond, Norman, Oklahoma. Opinion more Credit: Haiyuan Kai Harmful algal blooms create challenges around the world with regard to water quality and health risk management for humans, wildlife and pets. A team of researchers from the University of Oklahoma is leading an effort toward better management of microcystis … Read more

STORY: Taking a Team Approach: Integrated Medicine Improves Joint Health Naturally (1/9/23)

Carrera Williams, APRN, headlines care planning and performs initial assessments and regenerative injections at PC Medical Centers in Cape Girardeau. These services are provided along with the expertise of a chiropractic neurologist and exercise therapist to help patients heal long-term without the use of steroids, chronic medications, and invasive surgery. Aaron Eisenhower With the new … Read more