What does the fall of the Adani group reveal about India 1%

IIn January, Gautam Adani appeared in a rare television interview on Indian news channel, India TV, answering a series of questions from the host of a stellar show about how he became the richest man in Asia. When asked about his strong relationship with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and whether the government has played … Read more

India is a real bright spot in the midst of a global downturn: CEOs

With the 2023 World Economic Forum in Davos dominated by discussions of economic growth, or the lack thereof in most developed countries, one country is often cited as a bright spot. Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda said in the closing session of the event that India is doing “extremely well,” while highlighting acute challenges … Read more

Who is Gautam Adani accused of Hindenburg Research’s ‘biggest hoax’?

Gautam Adani, Asia’s richest man, suddenly found himself in the middle of a firestorm on Wednesday after high-profile vendor Hindenburg Research alleged his India-based business empire was built through fraud. El Adani, 60, saw personal wealth rise last year even as the global economy suffered a period of slowing growth. He is the chairman of … Read more

In a new book, Pompeo says the United States averted nuclear war between India and Pakistan

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrote in a book published Tuesday that India and Pakistan came close to nuclear war in 2019 and that US intervention prevented escalation. “I don’t think the world knows correctly how close the rivalry between India and Pakistan came to nuclear conflagration in February 2019,” … Read more

India is looking to reduce gold import duties to combat illegal smuggling

(Kitco News) Increased gold smuggling has prompted India to consider lowering import duties on the precious metal because the illegal activity hurts official earnings. “The Indian government is set to unveil its annual budget for the upcoming fiscal year 2023-24 (Apr-23-March-24) on February 1,” Metals Focus said in its report on Monday. “Under normal circumstances, … Read more

IT news online – Fujitsu quantum simulator evaluates vulnerability of RSA cipher system to potential threat of quantum computer cryptography

JCN Newswire2023-01-23 TOKYO, Jan. 23, 2023 — (JCN Newswire) — With concerns growing surrounding the potential threat quantum computing poses to existing cryptographic methods, Fujitsu today revealed that it has conducted successful experiments evaluating the widely used RSA cipher(1) for its potential for vulnerability. To crack the code by quantum computers. Fujitsu conducted the experiments … Read more

Wildlife Wonders of India: Top Indian destinations for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers

residence / Pictures / lifestyle / Wildlife Wonders of India: Top Indian destinations for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers Updated Jan 20, 2023 06:15 PM IST From rhinos to Asian lions, experience India’s rich wildlife at these stunning destinations perfect for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. …Read more 1 / 8 View photos in a … Read more

Ericsson exec: India beats 5G coverage

5G networks are just around the corner. That is, Borgje Ekholm, CEO of Ericsson AB, one of the world’s leading telecom equipment manufacturers, told a panel at the 2023 Davos World Economic Forum that India is ahead of the United States and Europe in launching 5G infrastructure. “India will have the most robust digital infrastructure … Read more

5G is Here but Cloud Gaming and AR/VR Live Streaming System Will Take Time to Develop in India, Telecom News, ET Telecom

Moreover, Jio has launched its cloud gaming platform – JioGamesCloud – in partnership with Paris, France-based Gamestream, and Japanese company Ubitus. By contrast, Airtel showcased cloud gaming while Vodafone Idea partnered with Paris-based CareGame to launch 5G mobile cloud gaming in the country despite not launching its own 5G mobile network. NEW DELHI: Indian consumers … Read more

Weekly Deals: The best smartphone deals from UK, Germany, US and India

With Black Friday and the holidays over, there’s a little lull in shopping. However with some browsing we still managed to pick out many interesting offers. Every week we try to offer something new, although there are a few duplicates this week due to the significant drop in prices in the past few days. Also, … Read more