The Russia-Ukraine war upended energy markets forever

Illustration: Shoshanna Gordon/Axios Nearly a year after the Russian invasion, the Ukraine crisis has permanently reshaped the global energy system and caused severe economic pain. why does it matter: The worst-case scenario didn’t materialize, thanks to a combination of EU policies, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s misjudgment, and pure luck. But the impact is evident on … Read more

The work of Internet creators is now dominated by short mobile video a la TikTok

Illustration: Sarah Grillo / Axios A new era of short video is sweeping the internet, forcing every type of creator—from podcasters to photographers and publishers—to adjust their media strategies. why does it matterThere has never been much opportunity for content creation online, but commercial incentives are driving all kinds of creative individuals and organizations to … Read more

Fantasy novel or diary of a real woman? How to check what you read

It’s a common dilemma: You’ve brought home a book and are about to dive into it, when you notice a woman’s name on the cover. Rats! You think. composed! It can be difficult, in such cases, to know what you’re dealing with — could it be a work of fiction, or is it an accurate … Read more